MSP Sales Prospecting

You want to run your MSP.

You don’t want to prospect.

You don’t want to learn how to prospect.

You just want someone to do it for you.

We understand.

We’ll do it for you.

We can start today.

Imagine having a growing sales pipeline that isn’t reliant on sporadic referrals. Imagine having the freedom and peace of mind that comes with predictable revenue growth. Managed Sales Pros combines imagination and execution to create BETTER opportunities for MSP sales success.

Managed Sales Pros builds you a scalable outbound MSP sales program, process and playbook. When we’re all happy with the plan,  we support our dedicated North American outbound agents to execute on your MSP sales plan — consistently. Our repeatable MSP ASK!  MSP sales prospecting programs create better conversations, better qualified leads, better sales appointments, and more MSP sales, for a better return on your MSP marketing investment.


All successful MSP sales engines require a leader with vision to press the start button.

You can change your the trajectory of your technology business with just one phone call to Managed Sales Pros. Call us today to learn how our proprietary MSP ASK! process will supplement or replace your current MSP sales efforts and increase your monthly recurring revenue.

Companies looking to build reseller partner networks quickly and profitably will see immediate benefits, as we use our proprietary database of North American technology reseller partners to secure your best MSP sales opportunities.

Reseller partners will eliminate the headaches and hassles that come with finding, hiring, training, managing, and incentivizing outbound MSP sales development agents.

We perfected our process while training our in-house team, who-in turn-have helped build the sales pipelines for thousands of managed service providers.

We will help you crack the MSP sales code.

We understand it feels confusing and frustrating when you no longer have enough referrals coming in to maintain the growth of your managed services business. When there aren’t enough leads in your pipeline, you feel anxious about the future of your business, your financial security and your exit strategy.

Fortunately, you can begin fixing your MSP sales engine immediately. Together, we’ll build a data-driven MSP sales engine that will continue to produce qualified MSP sales leads for your business for years to come.

Inconsistent Efforts = Inconsistent Results


The sales actions and activities that helped your business reach that critical one million in annual revenue marker are not the actions and activities that will help you reach two million in annual revenue. At two million, your company will need to change again in order to hit five million. Then, if you haven’t decided how and when you’re going to exit, you’ll need to change again to keep those MSP sales coming in to maintain organic growth.

Trial and error is far more expensive at scale. A well built sales machine requires far less maintenance.  Start building the sales process you need today instead of best-guessing your way through another year of lackluster growth.

Forward-thinking MSP sales leaders can build a repeatable MSP sales process that scales for their company by focusing their attention first on these three problems:


The most common issue with MSP sales is also the “simplest” issue to solve. It may take 17 or more dials to connect with a decision maker. If you want more MSP sales appointments, you have to make more sales calls. Our agents make a minimum of 100 calls every day.  Missing a follow-up activity because you did not have time to prospect that day often means that a more consistent competitor will get that precious “at-bat.”


When your MSP sales process is working, no one thinks about what might happen if it stops working. When you buy an outcome (a meeting) instead of a transparent, repeatable process , you may never understand the key metrics involved in the success (or failure) of your outbound MSP sales programs. We show you the status of every lead in your  pipeline – every week.   Better data means better results.


Abandoning marketing plans at the 3 or 6 month mark because they “don’t work” is a common issue that is easily fixed with nothing more than some patience. Our clients see 200% or higher ROI when they complete their 16 month engagement cycles.  One of our clients doubled the value of their company with just one closed  deal generated from their Managed Sales Pros cold calling campaign!  You don’t need MORE sales leads – you need BETTER sales leads.


More Conversations, With More Qualified Prospects, More Often = BETTER MSP SALES RESULTS.

Managed Sales Pros provides you with the process, people and playbooks your technology business requires to grow your MSP sales. Our repeatable MSP ASK! process and the consistent, focused, professional application of that process by our experienced team will provide you with the MSP sales leads you need to grow your business. We have worked with over 1000 companies just like yours, and we have a proven track record of producing a 200% or higher return on investment.




Managed Sales Pros agents work only in one industry: technology. Our agents are held accountable to stringent key performance indicators and incentivized on six variables.  This helps us balance high call volume and quality control. Your specialized outbound agent is focused exclusively on finding you new business.  Your new team member will dial all day with no distractions to pull their attention away from your calling. We offer”permission to play” performance levels of over 100 dials a day per agent. You benefit from an experienced team that is trained to prospect for companies like yours. It’s time for you to finally experience the results that only come from the consistent execution of our proven outbound sales process.


Our pipeline report shows you upcoming opportunities in your market, the dollar value of those opportunities and their possible close dates. You’ll never have to experience the anxiety of ‘understaffed then overstaffed’ support desks again. Protect your margins, find and close larger  opportunities.  We’ll help you create a more valuable company that you will be able to sell for a higher multiple. Enjoy the freedom and peace of mind that comes along with your managed, predictable MSP sales funnel.

Isn’t it time for you to experience the business transformation that comes from repeatable process?

You don’t need to spend another year feeling angry, frustrated or overwhelmed by the idea of building a successful MSP sales team. Take the first step, and call Managed Sales Pros. We’ve built the process. We manage the people. You enjoy the profit.

Managed Sales Pros realizes that business owners work late nights and often weekends trying to move their business forward. Partnering with Managed Sales Pros can eliminate the stress of underperforming sales teams. We can handle the expensive and awkward CRM buildout. By allowing us to help-you’ll no longer have to deal with revolving door sales teams or the years and years of headaches involved in creating a repeatable and scalable sales process. Adopting the Managed Sales Pros MSP ASK! Process will give you back the time you need to truly enjoy your version of success.

Start Planning For MSP Sales Success.

Our ROI Calculator and Expectations Document will help you decide if now is the time for you to begin MSP sales prospecting. Cold calling isn’t magic. It requires preparation, planning and patience – even with a perfected process. In phase one, we’ll help you plan the best possible campaign. In phase two, we’ll make sure your data is clean and ready to use for any ongoing sales and marketing initiative. In phase three we’ll find, qualify and schedule sales appointments for you or your sales team.