Recently I made the mistake of engaging on a website where someone went off an a long rant about how awful telemarketing is/telemarketers are.   If you’re wondering, it wasn’t a good idea.  Lesson learned.

Here at Managed Sales Pros, we prospect by phone because we sell phone prospecting.  We practice what we preach. And does it bother people?  Sure.  Some people.  But it doesn’t bother everyone.

Plenty of things bother plenty of people.  To make thing even more difficult, everyone is bothered by different things.  I’m not a dog person.  I like babies.  I hate crowds.   Friends of mine don’t like children, have several dogs and love events that include large crowds.   Point being, what bothers you may not bother me.  I can’t assume all my potential clients are like me, but I also have no way of knowing who likes what without engaging with them at least one way, at least one time.

So how do you build a marketing strategy that will appeal to everyone?

Short answer?  You can’t.  Tolstoy said it best:

“There are as many kinds of minds as there are heads.”

Is cold calling the only way to find new business?  No.  We go to trade shows, we email, we use social media.  We encourage our clients to explore multiple channels to grow their businesses as well.  If you’re avoiding one particular channel because you think it bothers people, remember – you aren’t your client base.  You aren’t buying your service. Not everyone wants to be sold to the way you like to be sold to.

You’ll miss the mark with some and you’ll hit the mark with others.  Some people will hang up in a snit, and some people will take your calls – and some of those people will become clients.  Some people will curse you for interrupting their day, and some will thank you for sharing a new idea with you.  Some people will quietly delete unwanted email, and some will report your emails as spam, and some will read your emails – and some of those people will become clients.  Repeat for all types and kinds of marketing campaigns.

At the end of the day – if your referrals are drying up and you need to start generating new leads, you need to try new things.  And to learn what will work best for you, you’ll need to try several.  And you’ll need to try them several times. Whatever methods you’re trying, I wish you much success with them!  There’s lots of business out there, let’s go find it.