A busy month on the road has kept us from updating for a while.  Thanks for bearing with us.  I spent most of August at shows, meeting with new partners, building out our newest offering (hang tight, we’ll tell you more about that next blog post!) and spending some time in New Orleans with my family.  (I enjoyed NOLA so much at the Datto event this year that I couldn’t wait to go again!) But now I’m back, and we’re ready to finish off Q3 with a loud bang.   So better late than never, here is my  review of Comptia ChannelCon!

This was our first Comptia ChannelCon, so we weren’t sure what to expect, but were told by several people we trust that it was a must-attend!  (Plus, I had a Muay Thai/Krav Maga cage-match scheduled with a certain someone that needed handling…it was a tie!)


Hundreds of solution providers and vendors gathered in Chicago to discuss the state of the channel.    We had the opportunity to meet with several partners, including Dan Tomaszewski from Greenlight Business Technology, who gave us a very nice shout out during the MSP panel.  Thanks, Dan!

We really enjoyed the vendor-neutral exhibit space.  As a young company with a limited marketing budget, our little 10×10 booth can sometimes be lost in the shuffle amidst the Platinum and Gold sponsors of the world.  (Hey, one day we’ll be there, but until then, exhibit level will have to suffice)  Everyone having a 10×10 really levels the playing field.   Booth traffic flow was consistent, we met several potential partners and had the opportunity to explore some of the products and services that we ourselves are looking to purchase.  (Hint:  cloud based outbound call center platform and CRM …50 seats…still searching.)

We took advantage of the free space offered for presentations, and were delighted to have a full house for our MSP prospecting Q&A.  Thanks to everyone who attended – we appreciated the engaged audience and I hope all attendees found the content valuable.

carriechannelcontracie channelcon

We were excited to learn more about Ted Roller’s new venture Get Channeled.  Ted also introduced us (and half of the channel, it seems) to the best deep dish Chicago had to offer, organizing a casual get together off-campus at Lou Malgnati’s.  It was definitely a who’s-who of the Channel sort of function, a “channel family reunion” for many!

Get Channeled will be offering Channel Chief expertise to organizations that need not just consulting advice, but real development and execution of reseller programs.  Ted’s got a long history of success and we look forward to following their progress.  Check out www.getchanneled.com

GET_channeled logo

A little bird had already told us that the crew from Nuvotera would be back in action with a new venture launching at ChannelCon, but the crew had been tight-lipped on what they would be doing.  They have re-entered the channel with a splash (and a hospitality suite, of course!) as Relyenz.  It was great to see them all back together, and we wish them much success!  See what they’re up to at www.relyenz.com



I hope you also took some time to recharge and enjoy the summer,  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed spending time with my most important shareholders!



If you’re hoping to connect with us in person, our team will be back on the road soon!  Tracie Orisko and I are doing a whirlwhind tour of DC/NY/CT/MA in September – and we’re meeting face to face with current and potential MSP clients.  West coast in October.  If you’re an MSP wondering how you are going to grow your revenue next quarter or next year, we’d love to meet with you in person – just email us at hello@managedsalespros.com and we’ll find a time to meet with you!