We’re pleased to announce that PlanITDR, a provider of disaster recovery planning software, has selected Managed Sales Pros as their North American sales development partner!


Paul Franks, CEO, PlanITDR shares why Managed Sales Pros was the right choice for their Disaster Recovery Planning solutions:

“We were aware of the success that other business continuity companies had achieved through working with Managed Sales Pros.  We wanted to replicate that success, we decided to work with the same vendor.  Working with a company that already had the database of prospects and a team that is experienced in pitching business continuity and disaster recovery just made sense!”


If you are a channel-focused vendor, working with Managed Sales Pros can quickly grow your client base. With a risk-free pay only for performance model for technology vendors, Managed Sales Pros gives companies additional sales volume supported by a proven process. Sales development outsourcing helps gain market share quickly, even when companies have their own sales development teams.

“We’re very excited to be working with PlanITDR,” says Tracie Orisko, President, Managed Sales Pros. “Partnering with a third party is a big step, especially for small vendors where every marketing dollar counts. As a sales prospecting firm, we’re judged on our ability to create appointments that convert into deals. We choose partners the same way they choose us – our team needs to know the program will be successful before we commit. We vetted PlanITDR with the same due diligence they used to select us!”


Why We Love PlanITDR

PlanITDR was created by an MSP to accelerate the pace at which they could provide their clients with Disaster Recovery plans.  It allows an Managed Service Provider to create a Disaster Recovery plan in hours instead of days – which saves the business time, delights clients and increases their revenue per client.


How Managed Sales Pros Helps Channel-Focused Vendors Succeed

With our proprietary and always up-to-date database of IT companies, an on-premise North American calling team that is fully versed on all things managed services, and a risk-free pay only for performance pricing model, Managed Sales Pros can help vendors of all sizes gain more market share quickly. In the time that it would take you to write your recruiting ad, Managed Sales Pros would already be adding qualified sales demonstrations to your sales pipeline! If you’d like to join AuvikInbayDattoOpenDNSITGlueAisle8Solar Winds MSPHuntress Labs and other wildly successful vendors on our client roster, email us anytime at hello@managedsalespros.com to schedule some time to review your requirements.


About PlanITDR

PlanITDR  is an online service based in the U.S. that allows Managed Service Providers that partner with Datto to create and deliver impressive disaster recovery documentation to their customers quickly and accurately. PlanITDR is a channel-only sales company. To learn more email Paul Franks, CEO, PlanItDR (paul@planitdr.com)  or call 205.564.2726.