On day six of our #12DaysOfGiving celebration, we donated six items to the Nevada SPCA. This suggestion came to us from our MSP clients Affordable IT.

This cause means a lot to many of our team members as well, especially our Director of Call Center Operations, Sierra Pope, whose fur family grew by two new furry friends this year.

Please enjoy this picture of Sierra being held hostage by her pets:

this was before the cat attacked her, don’t let it fool you

A friendly reminder that there are lots of animals in shelters all over North America that could use a happy home, here’s some of the handsome contenders waiting for homes in Nevada right now, and you can see a full list of adoptable pets in Las Vegas here: https://nevadaspca.org/adoptable-pets/

My 8 year old daughter is currently saving her allowance, all the spare change she can scrounge from the couch cushions, and all birthday, Christmans and tooth fairy money to adopt a cat. She originally wanted a hairless cat, we have dissuaded her from this, and now her plan is to save enough money for the adoption fee for an adult cat from our local shelter. She found 20 bucks on top of the dryer, so she’s getting there a little faster than we had hoped.