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Should I Buy A Sales Prospecting List?

Many managed I.T. services providers understand the value of creating a sales lead list for their business.  You might not have the time to build that sales database, it may be a challenge for most small business owners, and it might make you consider buying a sales prospecting list from Hoovers or buying your sales leads from SalesGenie.  We think there is a better way for you to find sales lists for your MSP.

The Four Big Challenges With Buying Sales Lead Lists

  1. Sales Prospecting Lists Have Incomplete Information
  2. Sales Lead Lists Have Incorrect Information
  3. Sales Data Is Out of Date
  4. You Have to Verify Your Sales Data Yourself Before You Can Use it

What Happens When You Use Bad Sales Data?

  1. Sales Lists That Are Out of Date Waste Your Marketing Budget
  2. Calling In To Inaccurate B2B Sales Lists Frustrates Your Sales Team
  3. Importing Bad Data Into Your CRM Creates More Work for Everyone

Great Sales Prospecting Lists For MSPs

With those challenges in mind, how do you buy the best sales leads?  Here’s the bad news: great small business lead lists don’t exist “off the rack”.

You may have received an email from a random company offering you expensive prospect lists, claiming they have the best sales leads, or great business to business sales prospecting lists.  These companies are selling you the same data you could collect yourself, and they’re selling it to every managed service provider in your market that wants to buy it.  Read the fine print on this list broker offer:

“Please keep in mind that all contact information fields included in our reports are generic, from contact email (info@, sales@, hello@, etc) to commercial phone numbers. In over 90% of cases one person of contact is included, may that be the CEO, Founder, MD, IT director, etc. Our reports contain full name and title but NOT the direct email for each contact.”

What Happens When You Buy Incorrect, Incomplete or Generic Data?

  • Buying an out of data sales prospecting list means about 30% of your calls or emails go to nowhere.
  • If you can make 12 calls per hour, and you have 1000 leads to call, that’s 83 hours of outbound calling just to dial each company one time.
  • That’s 25 wasted calling hours just on the first pass through the list.  You may need to call a company more than 17 times to get someone on the phone – that’s 425 hours wasted calling the wrong leads.
  • If you’re the business owner, and you’re doing your own calling, you definitely do not have 425 hours of time to waste!
  • If you’re paying per lead that you import into your marketing platform, you’re wasting money just storing that junk data.
  • If you are using an email platform to send email to prospects, many systems will prevent you from email generic accounts, so this data may be more than 30% useless to you in this use case.
  • You have to do the same amount of work to clean the data that you would have done if you had collected your own data!

A purchased data set very rarely includes contact information for decision makers.  You can build your own sales prospecting list using LinkedIn and Google and collect the exact same information – for free!  And if you don’t want to do it yourself, you could hire a gig economy worker on Fiverr to build it for a very low amount!  (I pay my kids to build my sales lists!)

How Can I Build My Own Sales Lists?

Building your own sales list is simple, but takes some time.  The good news?  There aren’t many extra steps past what you would have to do AFTER you bought a sales prospecting list.  You’ll need clean up all of prospecting data before you can use it, so why not just build your own?

Five Easy Steps To Build Your Own Sales Lists

  1. Pick Industries that have at least a 1:1 ratio of computers to people – these are higher percentage opportunity leads.
  2. Search “near me” in Google to find the companies closest to your office.
  3. Cut and paste these companies, phone numbers and addresses into a spreadsheet.
  4. Call each company and find the decision maker.  Ask for their direct extension and email address.  Confirm the spellings.
  5. Import the completed list into your CRM or PSA and get calling!

Here’s an example of a Google Search for “Law Firms near Me”:

  1. Enter “Law Firms Near Me” into the Google Search Bar
  2. Cut and paste the Company Name, Address, Phone Number into a .csv file
  3. Visit the website and search for a “team” or “about us” page to find possible decision makers.

Repeat until you have enough data to hold you for a month (for most of us, that’s about 200 NEW contacts!)

You can also build a list using information you find on LinkedIN, with no need to upgrade to their premium membership choices:

Go to www.linkedin.com and sign in to your account, enter the search term for the companies you are looking for, here I’ve used “lawyer”:

  1. Click on all levels of connection to give you a wider selection of contacts
  2. Click on the types of companies you want to see
  3. Click on the city you want to review

Now you’ll have a made-for-you list of contacts.  You’ll need to review each one individually – make sure you click through to the contacts company to collect the address and phone number, and verify the company website address.  Now you can call each contact!  If you want to name drop while you dial, search for companies that are connected to your happiest clients first!

If you want to learn how to use inexpensive gig economy workers to build your lists, or learn how to buy lists on SalesGenie or buy lists on Hoovers, don’t forget to register for our webinar on June 30 at 8 AM pacific time!  Register here:  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2788034241186732557 

In the meantime we’ve created a quick cheat sheet to help you build your own sales lead lists:

5 Steps for Building Free Sales Prospecting Lists

Infographic outlining 5 step process for building sales lists for MSPs