Winnipeg, MB September 4, 2020 – Managed Sales Pros Inc. announced today that they had completed an asset sale transaction of Everywhere Managed LLC to EBQuickstart. This transaction was for the Las Vegas call center operations of Everywhere Managed and has been a process three years in the making. The transaction, negotiated between Carrie Simpson, CEO Managed Sales Pros, and Tim Edwards, CEO EBQuickstart.

EBQuickstart’s CEO, Tim Edwards, stated that the acquisition was a strategic alignment without parallel and that the multiple-year pursuit was worth the transaction. “Their organization is well known and trusted in the MSP space, and their business model and priorities are closely aligned to ours,” Edwards said. “Carrie and her team built an amazing portfolio of customers, and we could not be more excited to have them as part of EBQ. We look forward to building upon their success and bringing their clients and brand into EBQ.”

Carrie Simpson founded Managed Sales Pros in 2014 out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, as an outsourced lead generation company. Managed Sales Pros, incubated at The Eureka Project (now North Forge MB), and Carries’ first clients were technology startups in Manitoba that were housed or supported by Eureka Project, including Winnipeg-based delivery app Skip The Dishes. Carrie graduated from The Eureka Project in 2015. Throughout the history of the company, Simpson came to focus on the I.T. Channel as a target market, supporting both Managed Services Providers as well as the technology vendors that partner with and support them. Her first channel client was Manitoba-based managed I.T. services provider, 365Technologies.

In 2016, Simpson, along with Tracie Orisko, her sister, and Sharon Lagace, her mother, launched Everywhere Managed to expand the business into the United States. U.S. companies like Cisco, Datto, and SnapAV requested U.S. based support for their North American channel partner recruitment initiatives, and Carrie was happy to oblige. Success continued, with the organization experiencing double-digit growth every year until the recent transaction. Tracie Orisko and Carrie Simpson have built a brand and reputation beyond reproach in the I.T. channel. Their focus was pursuing client growth with a relentless drive, while never losing sight of the core values that guide the organization.

Orisko has recently announced she is departing the organization alongside the transaction, stating, “This was my first time building a sales team to an exit. I can’t wait to do it again, but faster, and with less glitter.” Orisko, a resident of Dauphin, MB, will be announcing her next move shortly.

Simpson expressed gratitude when asked about the deal. “I am so proud of the business that (the Managed Sales Pros team) built, and the lives that we’ve touched,” Simpson said. “I can’t thank Tracie, Sharon, Ashley Battel, and Sierra Chase enough. Thanks to Gary Brownstone, CEO of Manitoba M&A firm, Catchfire, and former CEO of The Eureka Project. You’ve been a fabulous mentor. I want to acknowledge My E.O. (Entrepreneurs Organization) peer forum, HTG 2, and HTG 10. Thank you – you’re all rock stars. A special thanks to the SBA Emerging Leaders program, the Streetwise MBA was an essential part of our success. Thank you, Josh, Madison, and Charlie, for your eternal tolerance of ‘Just five more minutes.’ And thank you to Tim for helping make this transaction happen. We have always admired EBQuickstart. This exit was a win/win event for everyone involved.”

Simpson is not done shaking up the I.T. Channel yet. She has retained Winnipeg-based Managed Sales Pros, with Ashley Battel continuing to lead their mergers and acquisitions division, as well as a technology sales training and consulting practice. Managed Sales Pros will continue to act as a sales agent for EBQuickstart in the I.T. channel. When asked what she was planning next, Carrie indicated “she’s solving a major content marketing challenge for I.T. companies” and will be launching this new service in the weeks to come.

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