Planning and Managing MSP Events!

Everyone is tired of “being on mute”.  The world is opening up again.

We’re finally allowed to gather, dine out and travel!  With live MSP events back in play after such a lengthy absence, many companies are evaluating how they will create more and better opportunities for prospect engagement in 2022.

Virtual MSP events can be cost effective when it comes to capital outlay, but they become significantly less so when they’re executed poorly. They’re time-consuming to plan, even if the event is virtual and only lasts an hour.

Nobody wants to sit through an hour-long sales pitch. Creating compelling and unique content for your events is imperative.   While an hour-long virtual webinar seems like a simple thing, there are a ton of things to do pre-event to make sure things run smoothly, and these add up if you’re doing a lot of them!  Your free marketing event isn’t a free marketing event if it takes you a ton of time to create and manage.

Check out our webinar on prospecting strategies for MSP events here!

Managed Sales Pros is committed to helping generate better leads for MSPs and vendors in the IT channel.  We’re excited to be adding new services to our roster this year – including the planning and execution of both live and virtual marketing MSP events.  Our event marketing programs include blocks of calling time to encourage attendance, confirm attendance, remind people of their upcoming commitment.  Then we’ll follow up with everyone who registers, with the goal of schedule qualified meetings for our clients.

Let’s face it – there are a lot of moving parts to any marketing opportunity, and sometimes it just makes sense to hire experts. Let Managed Sales Pros manage your next marketing event. Here are the things we’ll take off your plate:

  1. Event planning – live or virtual, we’ll make sure your event will appeal to your target market. We’ll coordinate the agenda, invite speakers, create your presentation, and produce the marketing pieces you’ll need leading up to and following your event.
  2. Lists – we’ll build or buy the list of prospects you want to invite to the event.
  3. Calls – we’ll create your scripts for invitations and follow ups, then execute on the outbound calls in partnership with our skilled outbound appointment setting team.

More importantly, we’ll provide you with a detailed report post-event that outlines:

  • The number of calls made, the success rate of dials to conversations and the ratio of conversations to registrations.
  • Then we’ll outline the conversion post-event from registration to meeting attendance.
  • We’ll share the number of emails sent, opened, and clicked through.
  • You’ll know the exact number of registrations generated from email, their attendance percentage and conversion ratios.
  • Based on the results, you’ll be able to hone your approach. Is a virtual event a better opportunity in your market than a lunch? We’ll test both and determine your best course of action moving forward.

Hybrid events are going to be a “new normal” activity, and providing ways for MSPs to take advantage of this is a big priority for our team this year.

Looking for free ideas to grow your MSP?  We have ten right here!

We want to see our clients sales numbers skyrocket in 2022, and we think well-planned educational events will help all of our clients see more success than they would have experienced with an event-only or a calling-only strategy.  We’re going to help you take advantage of simple event management solutions, so you can have the best of both worlds!

Anyone can plan an event, but it takes a team of experts to plan a great event – and another team of experts to evaluate the effectiveness of the event strategy.  The best part of our new offering?  It’s something you can try once before committing to any ongoing engagements with Managed Sales Pros.

See for yourself how our callers perform in your market, then evaluate the effectiveness of each event to determine if event marketing works for you.  Take your data and then determine your best path forward!

We’ve been helping vendors with their channel events for seven years now.  We’ve hosted hundreds of lunch events and webinars.  Our content creators are industry experts, our event planners understand your requirements.  Welcome to the “One Call One Cost” event marketing solution from Managed Sales Pros.  Priced by number of attendees targeted, this service includes everything EXCEPT the cost of the event itself, which will vary based on city, venue, and client budget.

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Looking For Some Tips on How To Market Your Events, or Measure Event ROI?

Interested in learning more about how you should be measuring event return on investment to determine your best course of action?

Carrie Simpson recently hosted Cailtyn Jopp on Hallway Conference to chat about how vendors choose their events, measure their success, and determine which events get repeat attendance vs. which event get left out of the budget.  Caitlyn has ten years of event planning experience combined with marketing expertise.  On the podcast she shares some simple calculations that will help your company quickly determine the effectiveness of their marketing spend per event.  Caitlyn Jopp is currently the VP Marketing for Evo Security, and has also worked with Auvik (Caitlyn shares on the podcast how she planned their million-dollar event FranklyMSP Live) and ITGlue.

Listen to the podcast here!  You won’t want to miss Cailtyn and Carrie talking about their favorite marketing idea to date:  POTATOGRAM.  We talk about Mike Bloomfield at Tekie Geek, who once mailed his prospects raw potatoes with messages written on them with black sharpie marker.

Schedule some time to meet with Carrie about your upcoming event requirements here!