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Selling Cybersecurity Masterclass Fundraiser

Selling cybersecurity can feel overwhelming.  It doesn’t have to be.  I’m sure we all agree that the best cybersecurity sales opportunities come from referrals from satisfied clients who also value their security.

Here’s The Problem With Selling Cybersecurity

The problem with selling cybersecurity is that a full 50% of small business owners do not believe they will be affected by a security incident.  Of the half that believe they might be affected, more than 70% believe it won’t be that bad if they are!

How do you convince people that they need to take cybersecurity seriously?

You don’t.

Their peers do.

That’s where our cybersecurity sales masterclass comes in!

Learn How To Sell Cybersecurity without Selling Cybersecurity!

Turn your clients into your greatest advocates and sales assets with this breakthrough referral collection strategy!

Managed Sales Pros CEO, Carrie Simpson will take you step by step through her social responsibility security chain process – we’ve tested it, it works, and you’re going to love how simple and “un-sales-y” it is.  For IT Busines Owners who “don’t like selling”, this strategy will be a breath of fresh air.

Learn The Best Strategy for Selling Cybersecurity, Help End Food Insecurity!

To attend this masterclass, first donate to – send a copy of your receipt to, then register online to attend.  This masterclass will not be shared on-demand.

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Remember to Donate Before You Register!

We have been supporting Threesquare Las Vegas since 2016.  We donate in lieu of client gifts at the holidays, and we’re excited to see if we can top our largest donation to date, which was $6000.00, donated by those who attended a full week sales training in 2020 mid-pandemic.  While we are no longer doing our previous “12 Days of Giving” celebration, as collecting and donating items isn’t as simple without an office and with pandemic precautions in place, we hope to give just as generously this year, and we appreciate your support!

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Join us December 16 at 11:30 ET for this 2 hour sales training masterclass!  Have your lunch while you learn, and make sure kids have lunch through the Christmas holidays, too! Donate directly here!

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