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It’s that time of year again – our annual MSP sales strategy New Years’ Resolutions!

Every year I write a post on how you can reset your sales process for improved results.

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Here’s the good news for any MSP looking to change their numbers:  an MSP sales strategy reset isn’t that difficult if you’re ready to execute and be held accountable.

And also the bad news:  the time for an MSP sales reset that would impact your 2022 numbers was January 2021.

MSP Sales Changes Take Time

If you had lackluster MSP sales performance in 2021 and have changed nothing in your MSP sales strategy or process, your MSP sales numbers for 2022 are likely going to be close to your 2021 numbers, assuming you have no client attrition.  If you make changes right now, you should start seeing the results of those changes in about nine months, and you will start reaping the rewards of your hard work in 2023.

What Parts of My MSP Sales Strategy Should I Fix First?

Wondering what parts of your sales process need immediate attention?  Instead of making you a list of all the possible flaws you might have in your MSP sales process, I’m going to talk about one, because if you don’t fix this one the others do not matter.

The Easiest MSP Sales Change

The easiest MSP sales issue to fix is also the most important sales strategy change:


This is a simple fix, yet it is the one that people decide to ignore because they just don’t want to do the work.  If there was a magic bullet for fixing your sales numbers, this would be it.

Make More MSP Sales Calls

You would think that when you aren’t getting any new MSP sales leads, making more sales calls would be a no-brainer. In order for you to get better sales results, you need to get more sales meetings.  To get more sales meetings, you need to talk to more prospects.  Simple, right?

We can fight forever about the productivity of cold calling for MSPs, but if what you’re doing isn’t working, and you’re not cold calling, you don’t have anything to lose by trying it.  Every year we see hundreds of versions of the article “cold calling is dead”, but I guarantee you those articles are being written by companies that are trying to sell you other – more expensive, more difficult, more help from experts needed and more software required – methods of business development.  You can cold call and still use every other tool in your MSP sales toolkit.  It doesn’t replace anything, but it will improve everything.  Check out this article from Adster if you like facts and numbers vs. fluff.

Give Yourself A Year

Changing your sales results with cold calling will take a year. So will any other marketing strategy. Cold calling is the one you can start today without much outside intervention or expense.  If you can network at a party you can cold call – there’s not much to it outside of doing it.  The secret to successful cold calling is….making cold calls.

Make The Time To Make The Calls

You need to make your MSP sales calls every day.  If you’re not doing it right now, don’t be unrealistic.  You’re not going to go from zero to 100 calls a day overnight.  Start with ten calls a day for a month, then double that the following month.  Then double it again the month after that.

Make The Time To Learn The Process

You’re still not making half of the dials one agent here makes daily, but it’s a good beginning.  Making the calls yourself is important.  The reason most outsourced sales engagements fail is this:  business owners don’t take the time to understand the process before they hand it off to their marketing partner. If you don’t understand what they’re doing, how are you determining their success?  Meetings are one very small piece of outbound cold calling, and if it’s the only metric you care about, your meeting quality will be low.

Making the calls helps you build a process that works for you and your business.  I didn’t have a process when I started Managed Sales Pros – I had a willingness to do a job that most people won’t do:  cold calling.  Through ten years of trial and error, we’ve developed our process.  We didn’t have one before we made the calls.  We do now.  You can do the same.  You can build your own, or you can buy ours. Start here! 

Beware OF MSP Sales Time Sucks

Cold calling isn’t researching.  Your numbers don’t improve when you’re making lists.  Cold calling isn’t posting on social – nobody is buying managed services on Twitter.  Cold calling isn’t cold emailing.  Stop thinking about “touches” and start making phone calls.  Stop defaulting to email when you communicate.  Start talking to people live and watch how it impacts both your net new sales and your client retention.

But Shouldn’t We Fix Our MSP Sales Process First?

You could spend months of your time and thousands of your dollars fixing your sales process – none of that will be helpful to you if you don’t have anyone on your team who is prepared to actually do the work and make the calls.  Until you’re making enough calls for it to move the needle, there’s no point in throwing your money away building process.  There are literally dozens of channel charlatans that will happily promise you the world if you only buy their guaranteed process for success – but process doesn’t run itself.  You can’t automate your sales process.  Period.  Until you can sell a 70-seat managed IT services contract without actually speaking to someone, you’re going to need a sales process that includes people talking to other people.  Clickfunnels fail because nobody creates the process to follow up afterwards.  Email marketing cadences fail because people overautomate

Don’t Buy More Stuff.  Just Make More Calls.

You do not need a subscription to a data platform.

You should not buy another piece of software to stack on top of the software you don’t use effectively right now.

We’ve built an entire industry on trying to avoid the hard parts of selling.  Sales reps for these firms can rely on the fact that you do not want to do the hard work but you do want to get the results of that hard work.  That leads to you buying more things thinking that you won’t have to do the parts you find distasteful. More software and more data with nobody doing the prospecting is just a very expensive approach to achieving the same top line results you got this year.  With less margin.  Once you’ve shown yourself you can do the work consistently, then consider augmenting that work with things like better software and better data – don’t put the cart before the horse!

That new software only works when you do.

So Now What Do I Do?

You create a realistic go-forward plan and you make more sales calls!

(Need help?  Schedule some time with me, I’m happy to help you do math on how you achieve realistic sales goals in 2022!!)

There Are No Marketing Emergencies.

Yes, not starting immediately will set you back a bit, but starting today with the wrong sales or marketing partner could negatively impact your business for years to come.  There are very few business decisions that can’t wait 30 days.  If it’s a good idea today, it’s going to be a good idea next month or next quarter.

I wish everyone much sales success in 2022!  May it be your best year yet.  More importantly, I wish you health and happiness.

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