Adam Kerrigan MSP Owner

MSP Sales Success Story

It’s been a minute since we’ve published a podcast – but we’re back post-holidays with some incredible Hallway Conference guests!

Ending the year with a bang, we welcome Adam Kerrigan, former owner of Las Vegas based MSP Endevtec to share his story with us on Hallway Conference. Several years ago, Adam sold his MSP to Intelligent Technical Solutions, also headquartered in Las Vegas.  At time of sale, Adam wasn’t sure what he wanted to do.  He tried working in a technical role for the new owner, but surprised himself when he decided to take on a sales role.  Without the distraction of day to day operations, Adam became the top performing sales agent at the new company.  Then he moved on into M&A partner development.  His rocketship doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  Let’s hear more about how he did it!

As Las Vegas was also the Managed Sales Pros stomping grounds, we knew both companies involved in the transaction, and we’ve known Adam for many many years!

We’re excited he agreed to join us on our podcast.  Conference wise, we bumped into Adam this year at Build IT and IT Nation.  His trade show attendance is now focused on finding and meeting with MSP owners who are interested in selling their businesses.

Adam previously joined Managed Sales Pros on a webinar featuring himself, Carrie Simpson, Nancy Sabino, Ian Richardson and Ravi Ramhirak from MSPCorp discussing creative (non-private equity) options for exiting from your MSP.

You can watch it here:

Fanatical Goal Achievement as a Way of Life

Adam is a fierce proponent of setting and hitting personal and professional goals – that made him a world-champion in power-lifting and also made him the top-performing sales agent two-years-running in his new sales role post-exit.

Hear how Adam’s life changed when he made the decision to sell his MSP, the skills he believed were most important to focus on, how he balances personal and professional development, and what might be next for him!

Spoiler alert:  Adam worked with Managed Sales Pros to learn how to cold call, and attributes some of his process-oriented approach to selling to the skills he learned while partnered with Carrie.  These skills have translated from cold calling for his locally focused MSP to selling for a nationally focused MSP to cold calling to identify M&A opportunities in the managed services space.

Listen to the podcast here, or subscribe on your preferred podcast platform!  You can read the full transcript here!

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