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“You can’t be a thought leader if you’re not sharing your thoughts!”

-Carrie Simpson, Founder, Managed Sales Pros

Matt Lee was well-known, well-liked, and well-respected in the managed services space long before he became known to the channel community as “Cyber Matt Lee”.  He is currently working with cloud distributor Pax8 as their Director of Security and Compliance.

Now?  Cyber Matt Lee has developed a cult-like following in the managed services space.  Perhaps it’s partly due his magnificent, luxurious beard, but here at Managed Sales Pros we’ve paid careful attention to how Matt presented himself on social media, on vendor panels and educational webinars, and on podcasts throughout the pandemic.  His thought leadership journey may not have been intentional originally, but it’s definitely become so.

You can hear Matt share his transition from technology expert to thought leadership and cybersecurity sales and marketing expert on this week’s episode of Hallway Conference!

Thought Leadership: Promoting Your Employers Brand

Perhaps Matt became invested in the power of thought leadership while focusing on promoting the gospel of cybersecurity while working with Iconic IT, who were thought leaders in their own right.  Iconic IT made headlines when several MSP firms merged in 2019.

Here’s what he isn’t telling everyone:  Matt didn’t particularly enjoy public speaking or being on camera.  His goal was never thought leadership. He had to work hard to become the dynamic presenter we know him to be today.  That was difficult – but you’ll hear all about how he was able to channel a new ability when he was talking about something important to him that he believed was essential for the success of all managed IT services providers and their clients.  It turns out that when you know your shit and you believe in the importance of the goal you’re helping your company achieve, public speaking becomes less of a chore and more of a required component of your day to day life.  If you’re going to preach the gospel, you have to believe in the gospel – everything after that is just logistics.  Authenticity and enthusiasm are key.

Thought Leadership: Becoming Your Own Brand

While I doubt Matt would brag about his ‘rise to the top”, we can collectively agree that Matt is now a clear leader in the cybersecurity space.  He is hosted on no fewer than five virtual events a week, and vendors clamor to have him speak on their panels.  How did Matt create such a demand for his content?

Step One:  Know Your Stuff

First, Matt had to be a trusted advisor and expert to begin with.  Nobody can argue with Matt’s credentials.  Matt is an expert.  He is recognized as one by our channel, most governing bodies, and he has the initials after his name to boot. I’m sure Matt and many others would argue that experience over education is essential when it comes to cybersecurity.  However, for those of us who care about such things, Matt Lee is both accredited and experienced.  Check out his Linkedin profile for verification.

Step Two: Share Generously

Matt did not set out to become “Cyber Matt Lee” – Matt set out to help the community.  He wanted MSPs to be able to protect their clients from cybersecurity risk.  He wanted small business owners to understand how quickly their small businesses could fail after a cyber incident.  In summary:  Matt wanted to be of service, and the best way for him to be of service was to take the knowledge he had and share it with as many people as he could, on as many platforms as he could.

Step Three:  Be Consistent

Matt is everywhere.  Every day.  It would be difficult to visit any social media platform or media site focused on the IT Channel and not find content written by or featuring Matt Lee.   He doesn’t take months off, he says “yes” when he’s asked and he keeps himself in the public eye.  While the opportunities come to him now, that wasn’t always the case.  Matt had to do the heavy lift to become “channel famous”.  You can’t build a following if you post sporadically.  Be online.  Be everywhere. Keep on calling, and be top of mind all the time.

Step Four:  Be Authentic

As you’ll hear from the Hallway Conference Podcast,  Matt isn’t afraid to be friendly, social or vulnerable when he speaks.  Nobody wants to listen to a robot listing off terrifying facts about the risks involved in poor security hygiene.  We’ve got enough fear-mongering online.  Connecting person-to-person is an essential part of becoming a brand.  We’re no longer business to business or business to consumer – we’re human to human, and we need to connect to humans in a way that touches them both mentally and emotionally.  You can’t just write for SEO optimization, and your podcast can’t just be bullet points read out in a boring monotone.  Matt is friendly, funny and his storytelling draws you in.

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Thought Leadership Increases Your Market Value

As a company, as a consultant, as an educator, as a job-seeker:  when you share your expertise and commentary with the world, the world is far more inclined to respond to you in a positive way.  Put another way:

Is there anyone at all in the IT Channel right now that wouldn’t answer a phone call from Matt Lee?

How Can You Apply Thought Leadership To Your Sales Process?

There is no shortage of podcasts or virtual events or blogs.  There is no reason you can’t do exactly what Matt Lee did – become a household name in your industry through thought leadership activity.  Starting can be daunting, and churning out new content every week isn’t always easy when you have a business to run.  What if there was a way you could become a thought leader without the heavy lift?  Well, I’m pleased to announce that there is!

Managed Sales Pros Thought Leadership As A Service

If you’d like to explore how you can become the premiere thought leader in your industry using podcasting, virtual events and content, we’re here to help!  When everyone knows your name, everyone takes your phone call.  That makes sales prospecting significantly easier!  If you’re tired of slow moving sales projections, connect with Carrie Simpson to talk about Managed Sales Pros new offerings.  We’ll build and manage your reputation, you’ll reap the rewards.

And now….the exciting part of this blog post…

We’re Gonna Shave Matt’s Beard

Make sure you listen to the podcast (or just keep reading…) to learn how Carrie Simpson convinced Matt Lee to shave his beard.  We’re going to get Matt Lee clean shaven in Orlando at Q4 IT Nation 2022.

There’s a catch. 

First we are going to raise at least $100,000.00 for his favorite charity.  Want to help?

Contact to pledge your support.  In exchange for your minimum US $100 donation, you’ll get an invite to a swank bourbon and cigar bash where we’ll all cheer Matt on while he shaves off that iconic “hacker beard”.

I’ve been promised a comically oversized cheque that he will then present to his favorite charity – a charity that uses technology to find and stop internet predators who prey on, abuse and exploit underage children.  Listen to the podcast for more details!

Contact Us if you want to be invited to what we expect will be the party of the channel in 2022!  Remember, there is a charitable donation required to participate in this event, you may donate directly to the charity and submit your receipt to receive your invite.

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