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Cybersecurity Sales Prospects For Your MSP Can Be Identified With One Question

Cybersecurity sales prospecting can be broken down into many, many steps.  Often when your sales process isn’t working, it’s because you are forcing your cybersecurity sales reps to sell to prospects during a part of the sales cycle where your marketing team should be responsible for educating the prospect.

Educating cybersecurity sales prospects is a marketing responsibility.  When you allow your cybersecurity sales team to sell instead of teach, amazing things happen with your sales numbers.

Want to Close More Cybersecurity Sales Prospects?  Let Your Sales Team Sell, Not Educate.

To hit your cybersecurity sales numbers this year, focus on selling to prospects who care about protecting their businesses.  The key to adding more revenue from selling cybersecurity solutions is to have your sales team focusing only on the leads in your database that value cybersecurity solutions.

How much of their limited and valuable sales time is being spent trying to convince prospects that they should care about cybersecurity?

Your Cybersecurity Sales Team Is Not Your Marketing Team

Your sales team isn’t there to teach a business owner the importance of or the fundamentals of cybersecurity. Educating is the role of your marketing department.  If you are spending time talking to the wrong people, the needle won’t move.

The best way to sell more cybersecurity solutions is to create a process that give your sales team permission to move contacts back over to your marketing funnel when they aren’t yet “real” prospects.

Let your marketing do the teaching.

Identify Real Cybersecurity Sales Prospects With One Simple Question

“Mr. Prospect, have any of your peers experienced a cybersecurity incident?”

If the answer is yes, and this prospect has not already taken measures to protect their own business, they do not see value in security.  These are not prospects. Your prospects are the companies that want to protect the businesses that they have spent a lifetime building.  They are not the business owners who prefer to ignore obvious risks.

Educating Prospects On The Value Of Protecting Their Businesses

It takes a lot of sales activity to earn one new client.  If your sales activities are being wasted when your reps become “Cybersecurity 101” teachers, your sales time is being spent in incredibly unproductive ways.  You are paying what should be a highly compensated, highly skilled asset to do a job that you could be automating in your marketing funnel.

Imagine the frustration of your sales team, having the same conversations day after day, with prospects who don’t believe anything they’re saying genuinely applies to them.  You want sales churn?  That’s how you get sales churn. How do you solve the problem?  You quickly identify the prospects level of interest in protecting their business by asking a simple question like the one we’ve shared with you today!

Let Your Sales Team Triage Prospects

Once your sales rep identifies that the answer to the cybersecurity impact question is “yes”, allow them to move on from this interaction. At this point in the conversation, the sales rep should ask the prospect for their permission to send them information, and move on to the next prospect.

Your Marketing Team Manages Your Cybersecurity Education Cycle

The information you send to prospects should be curated by company sizes, industries, and impact.  Sharing the impact of a cybersecurity incident that affects a Fortune 500 company with a company that has 20 employees has zero impact.  People who run small companies can’t relate to this.

A Better Way To Curate A Cybersecurity Incident Repository

Stories work better than news articles.

Connect with your peers to trade war stories and create a library of case studies on cybersecurity incidents.  Make sure you detail their impact on the business. How much time they were unable to operate? What was the financial impact of that incident?  Sending information about a billion dollar company getting ransomware just adds to the “no cyber criminal would care about my small business” problem.

Different Prospects, Different Stories

Build different marketing cadences that are relevant to the size and type of companies you are hoping to sell to. This email series should discuss the solutions that might have helped prevent the incident or remediate the incident in less time.  Every email should include a call to action to book a meeting with your sales team when they are ready to discuss their options.

Keep Your Sales Reps Selling

Trying to force your sales team to sell cybersecurity solutions to a company that simply refuses to believe it will happen to them is a battle that isn’t worth fighting.  Instead of burning out your sales team (you don’t want to try to replace a sales rep in the middle of a global labor shortage!) start focusing on thought leadership.

Thought Leadership, Then Sales

Host webinars.  Write blog posts.  Build a podcast.  Use email.  Managed Sales Pros can help you create and manage all of these.  If you don’t have a marketing strategy for educating your prospects, schedule some time to speak with us by emailing

Back to The One Question That Will Help Identify Real Cybersecurity Sales Prospects

“Mr. Prospect, have any of your peers experienced a cybersecurity incident this year?”

When the answer is “no”, your sales team has an opportunity to have a sales conversation.  This prospect may or may not care about security – it is the job of your sales team to find out.  If you would like to learn how to take the cybersecurity sales conversation from that question to a closed deal?  We’ll happily teach you how to do it!

Learn How To Prospect For More Cybersecurity Sales Wins

Carrie Simpson is teaching a live four-part series on how to build a sales process that will help you triage your leads, manage your sales funnel, and schedule more cybersecurity sales appointments.  Join us for four 90-minute sessions at 11:00 ET, March 1 through 4.  Attendees will be provided with the materials they will need to build their own customized cybersecurity sales prospecting process.


Cybersecurity Sales Prospecting Course Agenda 2022

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Day Two:  Creating Your Cybersecurity Sales Prospecting Scripts

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Day Four:  Cybersecurity Sales: Triage, Nurture, Asking for Appointments

This four-part series is open to any MSP business owner.

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Cybersecurity Sales Prospecting Done For You

As always, if you are not interested in the DIY approach to sales prospecting,  Managed Sales Pros offers appointment setting for companies looking to sell more managed services contracts and more cybersecurity solutions.  Fill out the contact form below, and we’ll get back to you to discuss your requirements!

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