MSP Sales Improvements Require MSP Owner Self Improvement

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Many MSP business owners will spend a ton on third party engagements hoping to increase their sales numbers.  Sometimes their investments pay off.  Sometimes they don’t.

Investing in marketing is a lot like investing in the market – you can make a lot of money if you know what you’re doing, and you can lose it all when you don’t.

MSPs will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to companies who do things for them, but are highly resistent to paying for trainings, courses or or consulting.  Learning how things work allows savvy business owners to better assess the performance of their marketing engagements.  A little education now could save you from making a very expensive mistake later.

Self-improvement is essential for business success.  The behaviors and skills that helped us build scrappy 1MM companies hold us back when it’s time to grow.

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Trying New Ideas In Times of “Non-Crisis”

We get very comfortable when our businesses are doing well.   It’s easy to forget that everything is temporary.

It may seem counter productive to begin making changes to your MSP sales strategies when things are going well, but this is exactly the time when you’ve got enough breathing room to test new ideas.

We are always open to new things when everything is on fire.  Revenue holes make us very pliable.  We get a lot of phone calls from MSP business owners who need to find ways to generate more revenue immediately.  They lose a few clients – sometimes through no fault of their own (client M&A for example) and panic, ready to try anything.  MSP business owners in times of crisis are incredibly easy to sell to.  We choose not to do that here.  There are no magic bullets, no matter what you’re moving away from or towards.

Imagine slowly testing and measuring new MSP sales concepts and ideas when you’re not worried about the consequences of failure.  A marketing idea that fails when your business is thriving will not have the same negative impact as a marketing idea that fails when you’re already trying to replace revenue.

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Learn From Your Peers

This week on Hallway Conference, I interviewed Jennifer Bleam, founder of MSP Sales Revolution.  Jennifer took a big risk this year and launched a new IT channel event focused on helping MSPs grow to the next phase in their development.   This is an excellent example of someone stepping outside their comfort zone and trying something new.  She isn’t throwing a hail mary pass, she’s experimenting at a time of both profitability and success for her business.

Jennifer and I both teach MSPs how to increase their sales – neither of us hesitate when asking the other a question – and MSPs could learn a lot from that.

Your peers are the only ones who really understand your challenges, so why not take the time to talk to them?  Too many entrepreneurs forget that there aren’t many unique ideas, and the differentiating factor isn’t your idea – it’s your execution.  Nobody can steal execution, so stop worrying about tipping your hand to your competitors and start creating better relationships with them.  One of my biggest competitors mentored me through the building of my on-premise call center, and then, he bought it.  You never know where a good relationship will take you!  (Thinking about selling your MSP?  Check out this webinar!)

Self Improvement Can Include Self Doubt

Jennifer shares how she deals with the anxious feelings that come with trying new things, which isn’t talked about a lot in entrepreneur circles.  We talk about launching a new conference, how she chose the keynote speakers, plus details like choosing the venue and food and beverage. You can see the video on the Managed Sales Pros youtube channel, or listen to the Hallway Conference podcast!

Here’s the best part – if you’re an MSP with at least 1MM in ARR, you’re invited to join Jennifer, her sponsors, and 124 of your peers in Orlando, FL  this May – at no cost to you.  If you’re interested in the MSP sales strategies that move the needle past that critical 1MM revenue mark, you won’t want to miss this event!

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Can’t get to the event?  Check out Jennifer’s new book, “Simplified Cybersecurity Sales for MSPs” – I received my signed copy in the mail this week!

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Make Informed MSP Sales Decisions

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