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MSP Marketing Strategy and Content Pivots

This is by far the most surreal piece of internet content I’ve written to date, but to be fair – My content count is under 100.

My name is Ian Richardson, and I’m the new incoming CEO of Managed Sales Pros.

You’re probably wondering, “Ok guy, what’s the point here?”

Fair question, and one that I’ll make sure to answer.

MSP Marketing Strategy Includes Effective Communication

I’ve found over the past 17 years of being in business, and really since I can recollect as part of the workforce, communication seems to solve, and cause, most of the issues experienced by most people. From issues around delivery of products or services, to lost opportunities in sales, to poorly qualified prospecting meetings – communication seems to botch things up. Same with relationships – most disagreements, arguments, hurt feelings, and daily frustrations seem to have at least a partial cause in communication.

So I would say the “point” of this post is to clearly communicate with you all, dear readers, what is happening and what to expect.

First off – I’m not a cold caller, business development expert, marketer, or call center manager by trade. I’m an I.T. engineer (specializing in Microsoft and Cisco), I.T. executive (from running a $2M MSP for 16 years), and Strategy guy (stemming from my investment in and certification from Paterson Center). If you ask me what the best way to break through a “gatekeeper block” is, I got no clue – read some of our previous content to find that.

MSP Marketing Strategy Requires Process Design and Ongoing Improvement

What I can speak intelligently on is systems and process design, outcomes, measurables, and expectation management. These items, along with customer relations and net new client acquisition, made up the core of my responsibilities in my previous I.T. life, and will continue to make up the core of my responsibilities here at Managed Sales Pros.

Our MSP Marketing Strategy Will Be Changing

What does that mean for you?

At first, not a lot. If you’re one of our customers, you’ll get a few emails from me

  • saying hello
  • asking how things are going
  • asking how we can make your experience with us better

If you’re thinking about partnering with us, you’ll see me copied in on communication and I’ll have the occasional chime in as you evaluate our services.

Overtime, you’re going to see content through this blog about what to expect when you’re implementing an MSP marketing strategy. Topics we’re going to cover off include:

  • What will happen throughout an MSP marketing strategy timeline, and how to react when things don’t go as planned.
  • How to better create and find value in cold appointments.
  • Discussions around value proposition, discovery, and differentiation.

How Is This MSP Marketing Strategy New For Managed Sales Pros?

Our MSP marketing is changing, because our marketing leadership is changing.  Managed Sales Pros content has been written by Carrie from day one.  Carrie is much more of an idea person than I am – she has a wealth of ideas and creativity that very often would be shared through this medium for your benefit.

That will still happen from time to time.  After all, Carrie isn’t going anywhere – we know where to find her.

My strengths do not lie in idea creation.  My strengths lie in idea implementation and optimization. I take ideas and help give simplistic structure and design to the team that will then support their success.

MSP Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Need To Be Complex

I want to draw specific attention to the word simplistic. A core strategy I’ve held near and dear to my heart since the start of business is that system design should by default be as simple as possible to minimize the chance for complications becoming roadblocks, barriers, or bottlenecks. The more complex something is, the easier it is to have a failure or misunderstanding (there’s that communication piece again).

Failures and misunderstandings are business cancer, and I avoid them like the plague.

MSP Marketing Strategy Should Be Aligned With Core Values

My posts will include overviews on the things you will need to consider as you plan your own business development and marketing strategies. We’ll talk about:

  • Goal setting and achievement.
  • Service delivery concerns.
  • Customer experience

These topics may sound a bit odd coming from a business development company like Managed Sales Pros. One of the core promises of this company is that we won’t take money from someone who isn’t ready for our service, or who couldn’t succeed as our partner. We’re in this to help entrepreneurs succeed, not to get rich off of desperation or crisis.

There Are No Silver Bullets With MSP Marketing Strategy

If you’re in a state of crisis, you cannot “sell your way” out.

Business development results take time. Before joining forces with Carrie, I was her client. She was straightforward with me on what to expect.

  • No meetings for 3-6 months
  • You’ll be lucky to have a win within 9 months
  • You won’t break even until Month 12
  • ROI is 18-24 months down the road, but if you stick with it, it’ll pay for itself.
  • Cold appointments are a lot harder than referral – you will lose way more than you win.

Trust Your MSP Marketing Strategy Experts

She was correct on all points. It did take time; we had to optimize our sales pitch and get better at discovery and proposal writing. Our team had to get creative around defining our differentiation in order to stand out in multi-bid situations. My company had to be better at follow up and follow through.

None of it was fast.

It was methodical, plodding, at times mind numbing work to get the engine built.

Once it was, we found success, and it allowed me to successfully sell the company and step away – it no longer needed “Ian” to succeed.

I’ll say it again – you cannot sell your way out of crisis. If your business is in a crisis state, your bills aren’t being paid, cashflow is negative, and you’re wondering what to do, go ahead and reach out to me. My information is at the end of the blog or find me on LinkedIn. I’m always happy to talk with a fellow entrepreneur. If you take away nothing else – the wrong time to spend money on marketing is when you have money problems.

Your MSP Marketing Strategy Should Include Telemarketing, Not Rely On It

All MSP marketing strategy is long game play and will absolutely not work fast enough to dig you out of a financial hole. You must be prepared to spend dollars for one to three years for ANY marketing strategy to play out, not just cold calling.

Here are some other posts on MSP Marketing Strategy:

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The Right Time To Invest In A New MSP Marketing Strategy

If you’re finding that you do have free flowing cash, and that your current referral stream is slowing down, or simply not enough to fund your growth plans, it is probably time to look at a sales engine to support further growth. Cold calling can be a part of that plan. And it does work – there is a reason it’s been around for decades and continues to deliver results.

carrie and ian msp marketing strategy

In Summary

All in all, Managed Sales Pros is going to continue forward as we have always done – providing quality, effective business development services for Managed Services Providers and the I.T. channel by process driven, accountable cold calling services.

There’s just going to be a slightly different feel in how we talk about it from here on out.

I’m looking forward to working with you, dear reader, when you decide the time is right for your business to invest in an MSP marketing strategy.

Is That Time Now?

Click here to grab some time on my calendar and let’s talk through what it can look like. You can check out our ROI calculator here if you’re a numbers person and want to figure out the math, or you can review previous blogs here if you want more information.

Always Forward,

Ian Richardson, CEO, Managed Sales Pros

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