Buy MSP Sales Leads?

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Just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should do something. Buying pay per lead MSP sales leads means you get what you get.

Compare that to the outcomes you’ll get when you:

  • invest in an outbound sales process that is scalable and repeatable
  • learn the proper KPIs for effective outbound
  • measure the performance of campaigns and understand the long term return on your investment
  • hold your outsourced partners accountable based on your knowledge of successful outbound programs

Process leads to outcomes.  Put differently:  buy a man a fish…

Is it a good idea to buy guaranteed MSP sales leads?

Guaranteed MSP sales leads is a pretty misleading statement.  Our competitors promise it, but they rarely deliver on it.  What are the odds on every market in North America being able to produce the exact same number of MSP sales leads over the same amount of time?  The variables an outsourced MSP sales leads company have to deal with are many:  high staff turnover, changing economic climates, the reputation of the MSP they’re partnered with, and their own internal process challenges.  Read your contracts.  Read them again.  Ask your peers for recommendations, and if something seems to good to be true, trust that it is.

Are MSP sales leads guaranteed with Managed Sales Pros?

MSP sales leads are  not guaranteed with Managed Sales Pros.  We sell time.  We quantify how that time is spent.  We report meticulously on every activity completed, and every prospect we interact with.  We share all that data with you every week, and you own your data at the end of your calling campaign.

Signing Long Term Contracts For MSP Sales Leads

If it’s not working, it’s not working.  If nothing has happened in a year, you need to change providers.  That won’t be possible if you sign a three year or five year contract with a company that will sue you for breach of contract – and believe me, there are MSP sales leads companies out there that are doing this every day.    On the off chance that you do get out of their prohibitively restrictive contract, they’ll make you sign a non-disclosure agreement, and you won’t be able to share your terrible experience with the market.  That’s not cool.

If your provider promises you they’ll keep calling for you after your contract is completed, talk to your peers and see how often that’s actually been delivered on.  With no references to how much calling you get, or how often, that firm could technically make one call a year for you and not be in breach.  That’s not cool, either.

Managed Sales Pros has a 90 day contract.  After that, you can go month to month for as long as we both want to work together.

Hear our calls before you call us!  Watch this webinar of Carrie outbound live dialing!

How many MSP sales leads should I expect every month?

How long is a piece of string?  We don’t guarantee MSP sales leads, because nobody can honestly answer this question and if your potential partner is promising you the world, they’re either lying, or they don’t understand your requirements.  This is especially true with lead generation companies that are not niche specific, and especially heinous when the company only works in the MSP space.

Should I Buy Pay Per Lead MSP Sales Leads?

If you find a company offering pay per lead MSP sales leads, your next questions for that provider should be focused on clarifying if they undertsand what an MSP sales lead actually is.  Are you looking for someone who uses a computer at work, or are you looking for a business owner that has between 20-120 employees, with a one to one ratio of computer users to computers, and a budget of at least 100/computer and a timeline to implement within 6 months?  That’s what Managed Sales Pros considers to be qualified MSP sales leads.  If your provider can’t answer that question, or can’t deliver those leads, don’t buy pay per lead MSP sales leads.   More importantly:  don’t pay in advance for pay per lead MSP sales leads.

Should I Pay Per Dial?

You should not pay per dial.  Technology allows a call center to make hundreds of dials in less than an hour.  If you pay per dial, ask for clarification:  how many hours of outbound activity (agent time) will you get with the package you’re buying?  Exactly?  Get it in writing so you can easily prove breach of contract in the future.  Remember, marketing companies use a lot of terms to make their services sound like they’re doing more than they are.   Anyone can email blast 1000 random companies, call them one time, hang up before someone answers and bill you for dials.

Should I Pay For Talk Time?

You should not pay for talk time.  This metric, on its’ own, means nothing.  I can talk to anyone for hours every day.  If I’m not having any kind of meaningful conversations, I’m just burning your cash.  If you’re not receiving full call reports daily, weekly or monthly that identify what numbers were dialed, how often, and how long the conversation lasted, this metric means nothing, and you’re paying for nothing.

What Should I Look for When Buying MSP Sales Leads?

Like selecting any vendor, choose an MSP lead company that understands your market.  Your best choice for MSP sales leads is a company that only works with MSP IT companies like yours.  The staffing issues that marketing firms experience means that if a company works in ten industries, their agents need to be trained over and over and over again on different talk tracks for different products and services.

Managed Sales Pros only works with MSPs.  We’ve only worked with MSPs for over ten years now.   Our agent turnover is typical of a call center – somewhere between 30 and 60 percent annually.  Our solution is to only train to one talk track in one industry – every agent that works for us is trained to prospect for MSP sales leads – and that’s it!  Moving agents is easy – you’ll never be stuck with the agent that was selling accounting software last week until your rep quit.

The next thing you should look for in an MSP  lead company is transparency.  If you can’t get a straight answer out of a sales rep, it’s because there isn’t a straight answer to give.

Managed Sales Pros clearly defines our deliverables to our clients, and those deliverables are not guaranteed sales meetings.  The deliverables are clearly listed on our engagement letter, and there should never be a disconnect between what we’re selling and what you believe you are buying.  We clarify this in all of our documentation and we yell it loudly online:  nobody knows what your results will be before you’ve even started!

Instead of guessing what our performance level will be, we clearly define what you’re paying for, and we account for every minute we work for you – down to the last dial.

How Much Should I Pay for MSP Sales Leads?

On average you should expect to spend around 1000 per lead or 5000 per closed deal for a new managed IT services client that generates at least USD 2000 in MRR monthly.  That’s an average.  YMMV. There are many contributing factors here, the most important of which is your cost per endpoint to clients.  If you can’t afford your marketing, it’s time to charge more.

Check out the Managed Sales Pros ROI calculator and First 90 days Expectations documents, and if it makes sense to talk to us, we’d love to provide you with MSP sales leads that are qualified.  We’re 100% honest with you:  sometimes it works, sometimes it fails.  You’ll know pretty quickly which way it’s going to go, and if you’re not happy, you’re done in 90 days.  Or, you could take a huge risk, sign a long contract and hope for the best!

Can I Generate My Own  Leads?

You can.  And you should.  At least until you’re generating enough revenue to pay yourself a six figure CEO salary for two full years, and you have enough cash banked that you could lose all of  your third party marketing investment.

Here’s a simple ten step process you can try yourself!

I’ve Worked With A Bunch of MSP Sales Leads Companies And Nothing Worked!

Remember, the easiest company to sell managed IT to is a company that has managed IT that they aren’t happy with.  The same principles apply here:  you’re chum in the water when we hear that you’re already working with a competitor.  If it didn’t work with (name competitor here) and (name competitor here) and (name competitor here) I doubt it’s going to work for you with Managed Sales Pros, either.  Marketing isn’t magic.  Much like you should never promise a client they won’t get hacked if they work with you, we won’t promise you guaranteed revenue if you work with us.

If you wouldn’t put it down on the poker table, don’t spend it on marketing.  

Marketing budgets are necessary.  Real marketing budgets are necessary.  If you’re not earmarking a percentage of revenue for your sales and marketing intitiatives, you’re not yet functioning as an operationally mature business.  That’s fine if your growth goals are modest, but if you want to get ahead of the curve you’ll need to invest.  Growing profitably is better than growing quickly, so as you’re scaling up consider all of your options, but consider what might happen if the marketing you’re investing in doesn’t work.

How will you know your campaign is working?

Sales appointments don’t just drop out of the sky.  Much like you can probably look at a network diagram and understand where the issues are, I can tell when a campaign is thriving or failing just by looking at the data.  People may lie, but data doesn’t.  Understanding your sales cycle is essential to sales success.

Please revist the beginning of this blog post:  a regular review of sales and marketing trends, a good understanding patterns and KPIs  and the ability to have uncomfortable conversations with people are essential when you’re trusting a large amount of cash to a third party vendor.  Making a large investment in sales and marketing for the first time is scary, and it should be  – the negative impact of business development done badly will be felt in your business for years.  There are no business development emergencies, and if a company can afford to discount your services if you sign for five years, they can afford to discount it for one, too – if you don’t understand this yet, it’s time to revisit your own pricing strategy.  No offers are temporary – we all want your business, so assume if a “crazy good deal” has been offered once, you’ll be offered it again.  Don’t make a snap decision that binds you into an agreement you can’t get out of.

If it’s a good idea today, it’s still a good idea 30 or 90 days from now.  And remember, cheap junk is still junk.  Buying more of it doesn’t make it a better deal.

Whatever path you choose, we wish you extraordinary sales success!  Schedule time to chat with us here

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