Dr. Larry Little on Culture and MSP M&A

Dr. Larry Little

Dr. Larry Little Joins Managed Sales Pros For a Webinar on MSP M&A and Culture

The biggest sale a business owner will ever make is the sale of their business.  Managed Sales Pros has long been a connecter of buyers and sellers in the MSP space, and in addition to matching smaller MSPs that are looking to buy or sell, we support several brokers and large MSPs using arbitrage growth strategies.

MSP M&A Starts With Sales

Each party in the MSP M&A process is selling something. The buyer wants to convince their prospective acquisition to sell, on terms that are favorable.  The seller is, by definition, selling something.

Culture Fit and M&A for MSPs

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for sellers in the M&A process is the uncertainty of what will happen post-acquisition.  Will their legacy, team and culture be respected and protected by the buyer?

Buyers may pass on an otherwise attractive acquisition when they don’t feel that the integration of the companies will be simple or possible.

How Do You Measure “Good Culture?”

Good company culture is like good art.   It is difficult to define, but you know it when you see it.

And it’s subjective.

Put differently:  what I want from my work environment and what you want from yours may be very different.

Your company culture should attract the people that will thrive in your business, and repel those who won’t.   As companies grow intentionally, their culture grows and changes as well.  Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

How Do You Integrate Culture?

Great Question!

Join us on August 18, 2022 for a webinar featuring Dr. Larry Little, Christopher Vollmond-Carstens, Nancy Henriquez, and Ian Richardson to learn how MSPs have succeeded in culture integration, and to learn how you can evaluate culture as the buyer or seller, pre-acquisition.

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