Five Easy Ways To Win More MSP Sales Meetings

more MSP sales meetings 

Here are 5 Easy Ways To Win More MSP Sales Meetings:

  1. Qualify MSP Leads On The First Interaction
  2. Find Out What They Like About Their Current Provider
  3. Stop Trying To Educate MSP Leads
  4. Add A Memorable Touch To Your MSP Sales Process
  5. Talk to Strangers About Your Business

Winning more MSP sales meetings may seem like an impossible task.  Often, all it takes to get more sales appointment for your MSP is changing some small steps in your sales process and adding those steps to your sales playbook or sales standard operating procedures.  Inconsistent efforts equal unpredictable results.  Do these things every time you have the opportunity to engage with a prospective client, and you’ll reap the benefits.

Remember, all of the clients you want are already working with someone else.  The MSP sales process is not quick, and it relies on you being in the right place at the right time as often as possible.  With your competitors vying for the same contracts you want, it is imperative that you prospect consistently and effectively.

Adding these five easy steps to your sales prospecting playbook will help you win more “at bats”, more often:

1. Qualify Your MSP Lead At The First Point Interaction

You do not need to speak to the business owner or business leader to find out if the lead is qualified.  Anyone who works for the company can qualify the opportunity.  If you are cold calling and a receptionist answers, ask them your qualifying questions around company size, industry and current providers right away!

Try this question:

“Our clients see the most return on their investment if they have more than 20 computers that are used daily – how many computers does your office use every day?”

You can also do this at networking events, conferences and any other place where you’re interacting with the employees of a business rather than the owner or leader of a business.  If they don’t qualify, you’ve freed up your valuable time to only prospect into qualified companies.  If it takes 17 or more interactions to reach a decision maker, you’ve eliminated several hours of unproductive time.  Less wasted activity in the same amount of time equals more MSP sales meetings.

2. Find Out What Your Qualified MSP Lead Likes About Their Current MSP

When you go into a cold call conversation with an MSP lead, or begin a networking discussion with a new MSP prospect, it’s highly probable they “already have someone” helping them with their I.T. requirements.  To find out how to win their business, find out why they hired their last provider.  Ask them what is going right before you ask them what is going wrong.

Positivity leads to positive conversations, positive feelings and positive outcomes.

Spending what should be pleasant first-time interactions with MSP leads reminding them of all the things that make them angry about their current I.T. company doesn’t drive prospects towards the idea that they will have a positive experience with you – it reminds them of  poor decisions and negative business impacts.

At some point you will identify all the flaws in the support your new MSP lead is receiving.  The first conversation is not the time for this.  If they like something, that’s good.  Can you do it better?  Focus on that first.  There will be time for laundry lists of competitor flaws later in the sales process.  You want the meeting first, the sale second.  Focus on getting the meeting.

You aren’t going to win most MSP sales meetings with one conversation.

You will need to get to know this prospect.

Instead of pointing out the flaws in their current support, celebrate the things they like about their provider.  A laundry list of competitor flaws puts the prospect on the defensive.  You want a great relationship with this prospect before you begin slowly identifying the flaws in their current support.  You don’t want them running to their current provider with a list of items to “shore up”.

Don’t give your competitor a step by step list on how to keep the client you want.

3. Stop Trying To Educate Business Owners Who Don’t Care About Technology

Education is the role of marketing.  Your job in this moment is sales.  MSP Leads that don’t care about the impact of technology in their business aren’t really qualified MSP leads.  They’re liabilities.  Any client who is happy being the weakest link your technology chain is a threat to your livelihood.  Leave them be.

If a business owner hasn’t already seen value in using technology to improve their business, they aren’t going to change their minds today.  Don’t waste your very limited sales time trying to get more MSP sales meetings with people who see technology as something they are forced to use. Find qualified MSP leads who want to use technology to innovate and improve their business.   If a company doesn’t see value in security, move on immediately.  Less time telling means more time selling.  More MSP sales meetings happen when you spend your time with the right MSP leads.

I stopped writing proposals a long time ago – if you’re interested in learning how to qualify prospects more efficiently and want to eliminate follow up activities that go nowhere, I learned a lot about doing this from Walter Crosby at Helix Sales Development!

4. Add A Memorable Touch to Your MSP Sales Process

Never underestimate the power of personal interaction in your sales process.  If you’re talking to the right MSP leads, qualifying effectively at the beginning, and forgoing activity focused around the wrong MSP leads, you can personalize a lot of your sales process and create stickier moments for clients.

Memorable touches need not be complex or expensive.  Try small things like hand written thank-you cards, a charitable donation in their name as a thank-you for their time, a box of donuts delivered to their office work very well.  Remember birthdays.  Ask after their children, pets or spouse if they’ve mentioned them to you.   Use your CRM to keep notes about your qualified MSP leads, so you can take every opportunity to interact with them in personal, non “sales-y” ways.

If you’re interested in building better sales process, I recommend reading these articles by Ian Richardson on the Richardson & Richardson Consulting blog:

How To Build a Sales Process

Recognizing Opportunities

5. Talk To Strangers About Your Business

I will talk to anyone who will listen about what we do and who we help.  Tracie Orisko once won us a contract sitting by a pool in Mexico.  I talk to people on airplanes, in the airport lounge, at the coffee shop, in the grocery store lineup…anywhere there are people, there are prospects.  Keep business cards with you always.  Someone always knows someone.  If you’re stuck in line at the grocery store anyhow, why not talk to the people stuck right there with you?  It costs you nothing, and it’s great practice for networking events or conferences you may wish to exhibit at.

Want to get started with a professional, reliable and consistent prospecting team?  We’re ready when you are!  If you’re an MSP with over 1MM in ARR, and you’re ready to grow your business, we’d love to learn more about you. Schedule time with us here! 

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