Carrie Simpson Shares Her Founder Story With Authority Magazine

Last week, Carrie Simpson (now Carrie Richardson!) was featured in Authority Magazine.

Carrie was asked to share how she built a 7 figure business, starting with nothing.

Carrie has built three 7-figure services businesses over the last eight years including Managed Sales Pros. Learn more about her entrepreneur journey in the article:

Self-Made Women: Authority Magazine

Founders Are All Unique

If you’re emerging, established or getting ready to exit, you’re likely having some unique challenges that your  non-entrepreneur friends don’t really understand.  Carrie gave thanks to her Entrepreneurs Organization Peer Group for providing education and shared experience when she needed it most.  She also recommends talking to economic development agencies, the SBA, and SCORE to find more entrepreneurs.

Founders All Need To Grow Their Businesses

Not all founders start sales agencies – they start businesses focused on the things they are experts at.  We’re experts at connecting founders to their next deal!

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