Free Cold Calling!

Free Cold Calling

Join Us on October 25th for a Q&A, get free cold calling!

The only thing better than not having to do your own cold calling is free cold calling!

January is our busiest onboarding month.  People begin campaigns in January for many reasons:

  • It’s normal to begin a new year with a new initiative
  • Budget cycles renew
  • Numbers for the previous year didn’t live up to expectations
  • Numbers for the previous year made budget possible for the new year
  • Planning and preparation

Why Does This Matter to You?

We almost always have to push last minute stragglers out to a February or March onboard. Managed Sales Pros doesn’t carry extra overhead – we are a small boutique agency, with limited agents to support you.  All of our agents are fully trained on how to sell managed IT services – it’s not a skill you learn overnight, and since nobody wants “the new guy” we need to make sure our team is fully trained before they make a single call for a client!

So What?

So, if you were planning to join us in January, we’ve got a sweet deal to entice you to join us in November, instead!

Join us on October 25, 2022 at 11:30 AM ET for a Q&A on outsourcing your cold calling.  Ask your questions, and decide if outsourcing your cold calling is right for your business!  If it is, sign up for your 90 day pilot, and save $6000 off our usual pilot price!  That’s one free month of services.  Once your 90 days is up, cancel for convenience or continue on a month to month basis for as long as you like.

Managed Sales Pros Makes Business Development Easy!

At a rate of $4000/month for your first three months, it just might be time to give us a try!   We look forward to earning your business.

Remember:  you have to attend the Q&A webinar LIVE to qualify for the free cold calling offer, so don’t forget to mark your calendar!  You’ll need to onboard in November 2022 to take advantage of the opportunity, and once we’re at capacity, there are no more discounts to offer – first come, first served!

What Do Cold Calls By Managed Sales Pros Sound Like?

Listen to Carrie Simpson making a few hours of cold calls for Doberman Technologies live:

Call Lab 1

Call Lab 2

Waiting until 2023?  Book Now!

We offer no discounts for our January onboards, and require all January onboards to be retained by December 1, 2022.  We cannot accommodate any last-minute new year launches.  Please plan accordingly, we’d love to help you grow your business!

Want to reserve your January agent?  Email us!

Do you already know you want a month of free cold calling?

If you’ve never spoken to anyone on our sales team, you MUST attend the Q&A to take advantage of the discount.  If you’ve worked with us in the past, you’re welcome to skip the line and schedule some time with us here!

Make sure you register now to take advantage of our free cold calling offer!