MDF For Cold Calling

Can My MSP Get Vendor MDF for Cold Calling Campaigns?


– Carrie Richardson, Richardson & Richardson Consulting

MDF for Cold Calling Campaigns is one of the most common utilizations of vendor joint marketing funds. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a crucial role in helping their vendor partners capture market share.

The channel ecosystem thrives only when MSP businesses find and acquire new customers.  One of the best ways to capture new market share is cold outreach campaigns followed by well-executed nurturing programs.

Managed Sales Pros offers both activities, and both activities can be  subsidized by asking your vendors to contribute MDF for cold calling campaigns with Managed Sales Pros!

With so much funding available for their partners, you would think that vendors would be scrambling to ensure that their partners knew how, when and for what actions they could utilize this amazing partner benefit.

However, many MSPs are unaware of the untapped potential of Market Development Funds (MDF) and Joint Marketing Funds (JMF) available through their vendor partnerships.

Over 80% of MDF for Cold Calling Goes Unclaimed Every Year!

Recently, our friends at Richardson & Richardson Consulting hosted Debbie Kestin  on their podcast, WIN.  Debbie is a 20 year IBM veteran and an expert on helping MSPs with procuring MDF and JMF (joint marketing funds) for their marketing campaigns.

MDF for Cold Calling Debbie Kestin WIN

You can listen to that podcast on the podcast network platform Your IT Podcasts

Learn How To Find MDF For Cold Calling

In this blog post, we’re highlighting the expertise of Debbie Kestin, founder and president of Kestin Impact Consulting, who shares valuable insights on how MSPs can leverage MDF for cold calling to accelerate their business growth.


Understanding MDF and JMF:

MDF, or Market Development Funds, are financial investments made by vendors to help their partners, such as MSPs, execute marketing initiatives. JMF, or Joint Marketing Funds, are similar in nature, but they involve a co-investment between the vendor and the partner. These funds can be used to fuel demand generation and lead generation activities (like outbound cold calling) that drive alignment between the partner and the vendor.


Overcoming Common MDF Challenges:

There are some of the common challenges faced by MSPs when it comes to utilizing MDF.

One such challenge is the fear of administrative tasks and the paperwork associated with accessing these funds.

However,  vendors have listened to partner feedback and are actively working to simplify the process. Additionally, many distributors are also offering co-marketing or MDF support, creating further opportunities for MSPs to leverage MDF for cold calling.


Navigating Your MDF Application:

To start exploring potential MDF opportunities, MSPs should first establish a solid contact within their vendor organization.

This contact should be the focal point for discussing your MDF funding and should be able to provide guidance on eligibility, qualification criteria, and application processes.

MSPs can also leverage their distributor contacts, who can facilitate communication with vendors and help navigate applying for funding.


Planning Ahead:

Timing is crucial when it comes to receiving MDF.

It is essential for MSPs to plan their marketing initiatives and funding requests at least one full quarter in advance.

By doing so, MSPs can align their proposals with vendor funding cycles and increase their chances of securing investment. In her podcast, Debbie Kestin also emphasizes the importance of being proactive and asking vendors for feedback on what they need to be successful.

This open dialogue helps vendors tailor their programs and support MSPs in achieving their marketing goals.


Creative Approaches to Utilizing MDF:

MSPs need to think outside the box when it comes to utilizing MDF.

Traditional approaches, such as lunch meetings or office-based events, might not yield the desired results.

Instead, MSPs should explore experiential events, such as sporting events or hands-on technology showcases.  These activities create value and engage potential customers. By making events more engaging and interactive, MSPs can generate higher attendance and leave a lasting impression on attendees.  Remember:  your prospects won’t know about your events unless you’re promoting them, and that where your MDF for cold calling comes in!

Managed Sales Pros specializes in cold calling.  Many of our most successful engagements, including engagements for Cisco, have included recruiting prospects to attend live and online events.   Our Cisco Umbrella campaigns received rave reviews from our partner.

“I have nothing but great things to say about the MSPros team. They’ve worked with us (and still do) in a number of cold calling capacities over the last few years. Everything from being our complete outbound strategy to augmenting our internal efforts for specific events/projects. When we initially engaged them, we signed up with three telemarketing services. MSPros produced higher quality appointments, was easier to work with on the back-end, and ramped up faster vs the alternatives.”


Tracking Results and Showing Value:

It’s crucial for MSPs to track the results of their marketing initiatives supported by MDF and effectively communicate that value to their vendors.

By providing comprehensive reports on campaign performance, including metrics such as impressions, leads generated, and new customer acquisitions, MSPs can demonstrate the impact of their efforts.

Tracking results not only enables MSPs to measure their return on investment but also helps vendors understand the positive outcomes of their funding.


Managed Sales Pros Can Help You Get MDF for Cold Calling

Managed Sales Pros understands each step of the MDF application, approval and reporting process when you’re applying and utilizing your vendor MDF for cold calling.  Don’t let paperwork stop you – we take care of the reporting, and it’s provided to you in the exact format you’ll need for your vendor partner.

Utilizing MDF as a service offers MSPs the opportunity to tap into the resources and support provided by their vendors. By overcoming the fear of administrative tasks and planning ahead, MSPs can unlock a world of marketing possibilities. With the guidance and expert support from the team at Managed Sales Pros, MSPs can navigate the MDF landscape.

Maximize the potential of these funds to grow your business.

Don’t leave money on the table – seize the opportunity and embrace MDF as a service to propel your MSP to new heights in 2024.

Cisco MDF for Cold Calling

Looking to take advantage of Cisco MDF for cold calling with Managed Sales Pros?  Here are the application forms.  You’ll need to log in to your Cisco partner portal to access and download them.

Interested in MDF from other vendor partners?  Schedule a call with Carrie Richardson to review what’s available!

Ready to get started?  Connect with Sierra Chase to learn more about how Managed Sales Pros can help!

Let’s make 2024 the year of free money and unlock the power of MDF for MSPs everywhere.

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