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Cybersecurity Cold Calling: Enhancing Your Sales Strategy

Carrie Richardson, Richardson & Richardson Consulting

Introduction to Effective Cybersecurity Cold Calling

When the first thing an MSP is teaching their new clients is how not to get phished by not opening email, Cybersecurity Cold Calling stands out as a pivotal strategy for setting more sales appointments.

Not only are your competitors teaching your prospects to never open an email they’re not expecting, many of them are blocking your domains so that you can’t email their clients at all. That makes cybersecurity cold calling an infinitely more effective means of cold outreach.

Yet, the efficacy of this approach can only be maximized when you’re having conversations with prospects who recognize the value of cybersecurity solutions from the outset.

While everyone needs cybersecurity, not every business owner will see themselves as targets. Spending time trying educate prospects who “don’t think it will happen” is a job for your content marketing department, not for your cold calling team!

Identifying Prospects Who Recognize Cybersecurity Value

A critical aspect of Cybersecurity Cold Calling is the ability to discern quickly whether a prospect sees the importance of cybersecurity. Unlike the more straightforward sale of IT services, convincing a business of the necessity of cybersecurity involves navigating through various objections and misunderstandings. It’s easier to identify companies that underestimate cybersecurity threats—they often express numerous objections that highlight a fundamental lack of awareness and understanding.

Overcoming The “We’re Too Small to be Targeted” Objection

When faced with responses like “We’re too small to be targeted,” the path to changing perceptions is steep. Many small business owners mistakenly believe they’re under the radar of cybercriminals. This objection underscores a widespread misconception and presents a unique challenge for cybersecurity cold calling professionals. You can waste hours of valuable sales time trying to convince someone that you’re right – or you can move on and continue to look for prospects that are genuinely concerned about their security posture.

Engaging Prospects Through Strategic Conversations

Despite initial resistance to cold calling, most people genuinely enjoy talking about their achievements and business journey. Speaking to business owners about business instead of complex technology concepts is essential for success. Effective Cybersecurity Cold Calling employs open-ended questions to foster better engagement. A question as simple as, “How many years did it take you to build your business?” can pave the way for deeper discussions about the value of cybersecurity.

Utilizing Stories to Convey the Importance of Cybersecurity

Storytelling is a powerful tool in Cybersecurity Cold Calling. By sharing relatable anecdotes that highlight the potential risks and the protective value of cybersecurity, sales representatives can make a compelling case for their services. A story about a business owner nearing retirement yet vulnerable to cyberattacks can vividly illustrate the need for cybersecurity, drawing parallels to the wise investment in insurance for peace of mind.

When choosing how and when to use storytelling, remember that telling a story about an incident that impacted an enterprise company may only reinforce the “well, we’re too small for anyone to care about our business” objection. Make sure you’ve got a repertoire of stories – don’t make them up, just talk to your peers about their experiences – there are no shortage of stories.

Maximizing Success in Cybersecurity Cold Calling

The goal of Cybersecurity Cold Calling should be focused on engaging the right prospects—those who understand or can be led to understand the critical importance of cybersecurity. By employing strategic questions and storytelling, sales reps can effectively highlight the value of their cybersecurity solutions, transforming prospects into scheduled sales appointments.

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