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Nurturing MSP Leads Takes Time and Patience

Carrie Richardson, Partner, Fox & Crow Group

Nurturing MSP leads within the Managed Service Provider (MSP) sales funnel is a critical process that can significantly impact the growth and success of your IT business.

By understanding and nurturing MSP leads at each stage of the sales funnel you can create a robust and sustainable pipeline that converts prospects into loyal customers.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to strategically nurture MSP leads and foster long-term relationships with prospects who may buy in the future.

Understand Your Market and Buyer Personas

The first step in effective lead nurturing is to gain  understanding of your target market and buyer personas. This involves identifying potential customers’ needs, business challenges, and solution-seeking behaviors. By focusing on only nurturing MSP leads that fit your buyer persona, you can tailor your marketing campaigns to align with customer expectations and streamline your sales pipeline.

Targeted marketing offers several benefits, including better lead quality, increased conversion rates, cost efficiency, customer retention, and competitive advantage. Continuously refining your understanding of your market is essential for the success of your lead nurturing efforts.  At Managed Sales Pros, we work with you to define your highest probability sales targets so your campaign calls are more effective.

MSP Lead Generation Strategy

A tailored lead generation strategy is crucial for MSP growth.

Traditional strategies may need to be adapted to address the unique challenges and opportunities of nurturing MSP leads. Consider content marketing, IT assessment lead magnets, targeted LinkedIn outreach, and SEO strategies to attract relevant leads.  Telemarketing is only one lead generation strategy – and here at Managed Sales Pros, that’s all we do.  We do it better than anyone else in the industry.  Telemarketing improves the success of all of your other MSP lead generation activities – and it’s also highly effective on its’ own.

Personalize Your MSP Lead Nurturing Efforts

Personalization is key to establishing a meaningful connection with leads.

It involves understanding individual needs and providing tailored solutions.

At Managed Sales Pros, our calls are made using very little automation, and no AI systems.  Every call is made by a person, and every interaction is personalized.  You never need to worry about a communication misfire that sends a poorly crafted email or a bad voicemail drop – we simply don’t use non-personalized outreach tactics.  Our experienced callers manage your program from the first call gathering data to the last call booking the appointment – and it’s all done on the cadence requested by the prospect.  There is no risk of calling someone 15 times a day using a bad software program.  We don’t use deceptive technology like local presence dialing.  If the prospect won’t answer the phone, we simply move on to another prospect and try again in 30 days.


Educational Webinars and Workshops

Hosting educational webinars and workshops is a great way to start nurturing MSP leads, and it can showcase your expertise and build trust with potential clients. Develop engaging content, promote wisely, encourage participation, and follow up with attendees to cultivate leads through these events.  At Managed Sales Pros we can help you schedule sales appointments while we invite prospects to attend your live and virtual events.  We’ve managed webinar and event recruitment for MSPs and vendors since 2014.  Ask Datto, Pax8, Auvik, Cisco, OpenDNS, Kaseya and Connectwise about our recruiting ability.  MSPs experience the same success with their lunch and learns, virtual webinars and conference recruitment.  Recruiting for MSPs events requires about six weeks of lead time to be the most effective, but we’ve put butts in seats with as little as 7 days’ notice!

Set Up Your CRM to Streamline MSP Lead Management

A robust CRM system can organize, track, and help with nurturing MSP leads throughout the sales funnel. Utilize features like lead scoring, email integration, task automation, reporting tools, pipeline management, and customer data analysis to nurture MSP leads effectively.  The reports you receive from Managed Sales Pros every week can be imported into your CRM, or you can review them prior to import with our team and determine how to proceed. Wondering which leads you should be nurturing using what method?  Just ask your account manager at your strategy meetings!

Master the MSP Lead Follow-Up

Effective follow-up strategies are crucial for nurturing MSP leads. At Managed Sales Pros, we employ a non-aggressive approach, provide value, listen and adapt, and respect the prospect’s decision-making process. We personalize communications, we are patient yet proactive, and we accept feedback graciously to foster the relationships that could lead to successful partnerships for our MSP clients.

Key Takeaways

Nurturing MSP leads is essential for building and maintaining relationships with prospects in your sales pipeline.

An effective lead nurturing process goes beyond simple follow-ups; it requires a strategic approach to reach the right businesses at the right time. By implementing these strategies, or partnering with Managed Sales Pros to nurture your leads for you, you can create a thriving MSP business with a robust pipeline of high-quality sales opportunities.


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