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Turning Cybersecurity Sales Leads for MSPs into Qualified Cybersecurity Prospects

Carrie Richardson, Partner Fox & Crow Group

At Managed Sales Pros, we don’t focus on “MQLs” or “marketing qualified leads.”  We  nurture cybersecurity sales leads for MSPs until they’re qualified cybersecurity sales prospects who are ready to take a sales meeting. We only present qualified cybersecurity sales leads for MSPs to our clients.  By the time they reach our MSP client calendars, they’re already well qualified cybersecurity prospects for MSPs.  They’re “SQLs” or “sales qualified leads.”

That means the team at Managed Sales Pros has already done the heavy lift of moving the prospect through the qualification cycle.  By the time the cybersecurity sales appointments reach our clients, we’ve already provided most of the information necessary to consider the cybersecurity sales lead a qualified cybersecurity prospect or opportunity.

All our clients have to do is go to the sales meeting, do an effective sales discovery, and close the meeting.

Struggling with MSP sales discovery or closing deals?

We recommend checking out MSP Sales Process – a pre-built CRM for MSPs that comes complete with sales enablement training.  The better an MSP is at performing sales discovery and closing, the more ROI they’ll receive from their cybersecurity sales lead generation program with Managed Sales Pros.  Request a free trial of MSP Sales Process here.

Looking to generate more qualified cybersecurity sales leads?

We have access to a guide that outlines a detailed approach to this transformation, emphasizing direct interactions to qualify leads more accurately and effectively.

What does “direct interactions” mean?

We believe direct interactions lead to accurate information provided by the prospect.

Most sales development teams spend far too much time online, researching their leads instead of simply calling them and asking them questions.   We’ve been doing this for over 12 years now, and our callers are still dialing the phone over 120 times a day.  It takes about 300 dials to get a sales meeting, so every ten minutes you spend researching a lead that might not ever engage with you in any way becomes a huge loss of productivity.

We call prospects.  All day.  That’s all we do.   We have one goal on every call:  find out the information that our clients will need to determine if this is a lead that they want.

Of course, you don’t need to work with Managed Sales Pros to move your leads to prospects.  You can do it yourself.

We’ve found a checklist to help you determine which leads are qualified MSP prospects vs. which leads are not worth pursuing.  The less time you spend chasing badly qualified leads, the more time you can spend running your MSP and closing deals.  Request a copy of the checklist here.

Before you begin prospecting, it is helpful to understand the stages of prospecting.

Understanding the Stages of Prospect Development

1. Cybersecurity Sales Leads for MSPs (Previously Known as MQLs)

A cybersecurity sales lead for MSPs refers to a contact who has shown initial interest in your cybersecurity services. This might be through interacting with your content, attending webinars, or subscribing to newsletters. At this stage, the lead is not yet fully engaged or ready to make a purchasing decision but has taken the first step towards a potential business relationship.


2. Qualified Cybersecurity Prospects for MSPs (Previously Known as SQLs)

A qualified cybersecurity prospect for MSPs is a lead that has been thoroughly vetted and deemed ready for a more direct sales approach. This readiness is determined through direct dialogue and effective questioning, ensuring that they are genuinely interested and potentially ready to invest in cybersecurity solutions.


3. Transitioning from Cybersecurity Sales Leads for MSPs to Qualified Cybersecurity Prospects


The key to successfully transitioning leads into qualified cybersecurity prospects lies in the ability to engage directly and meaningfully.  For Managed  Sales Pros, this has always meant attempting to qualify at the first point of contact vs. wasting dozens of dials trying to reach the CEO or ultimate decision maker.

If  you’re lucky enough to reach the decision maker in one call, you don’t want to waste that call asking them how to spell their name or how many employees they have.  We recommend doing your information gathering prior to attempting a C-level or decision maker call.  In some small businesses, this will be unavoidable.  For most, there will be many attempts between call one and a sales meeting.  Direct engagement – asking questions to anyone who answers the phone – will ensure that when you finally reach the decision maker, you’re well-prepared for that call.

For MSPs, transitioning cybersecurity sales leads for MSPs into qualified cybersecurity prospects is less about making assumptions based on online data and more about engaging directly to understand and meet the needs of each prospect.

This direct approach not only improves the quality of your prospects but also enhances the effectiveness of your cybersecurity solutions portfolio.

By focusing on thorough and thoughtful direct interactions, MSPs can more effectively convert general interest into committed business engagements, paving the way for successful and sustainable cybersecurity partnerships.

Looking for Resources?

You can request a cybersecurity sales prospecting checklist for you or your sales team by filling out this form.

Looking for Cybersecurity Sales Leads for MSPs?

We can do you one better and provide you with qualified cybersecurity prospects.

That’s where Managed Sales Pros has always soared above our competition.  We know that the lead is the beginning of an incredible amount of time and effort – a lead where you have to spend hours trying to qualify them and get them on the phone is not so  much a sales lead as it is an enormous opportunity cost.  Your time is valuable – don’t spend it chasing badly qualified cybersecurity sales leads.

At Managed Sales Pros we know the value of your time.  As a business owner, you don’t have time to chase your tail – or chase bad leads.  Let us take the heavy lift out of your sales process.    Learn more by emailing us or filling out the form below!

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