MSP Lead Generation

Our proven process

generates more qualified leads,

better first time sales appointments,

and bigger deals

with better clients

Managed Sales Pros was founded in 2014. The company began as one outbound agent making calls for one Managed IT Services company. Since then, we have supported over 1000 IT companies! Clients report 200-1100% return upon completion of 18-month programs. Many stay long term, although we do NOT require long term contracts. We make it easy for you to try our services and easy to leave when you outgrow working with an outsourced agency and are ready to take your sales prospecting “in house.” In 2022, something remarkable happened to Managed Sales Pros. Starting on the call floor of the company in 2017, Sierra Chase came to the company eager to be a part of success. Quickly she moved up the ladder and landed as Director of Operations by 2018. In 2022, she acquired the company to add to her portfolio of IT related ventures. For the eager entrepreneurs -she has been where you are and understands what it takes to grow a business. She also understands how the fluctuating economy as well as a post pandemic world has changed the industry. To ensure that everyone has access to services, upon acquiring the company she analyzed pricing and has lowered the price of packages so that everyone has the opportunity to grow their business. Additionally, the same great process and talented staff remained for a stable transition.  The new vision and the same success-based process that launched Managed Sales Pros as a leader in the industry is unwavering.


We are proven technology channel, supporting IT resellers and the companies that sell to and through them. You won’t find us juggling non-IT businesses-you can be confident that we understand and fully committed to this industry.

Learn more about the companies that we have worked with here!

Process Change – Our Purpose Stays The Same

Through all the changes in the channel, we have never tried to deliver the most leads. Instead, we have always focused on delivering BETTER leads. Our campaigns all share one goal: create robust sales pipelines filled with qualified and interested prospects.

Here’s why we’re BETTER:

  • We won’t ever waste your time calendaring garbage leads to hit a quota.
  • We don’t make you sign a long contract – try us for a quarter:  love us or leave us!
  • We don’t pretend to have a crystal ball. There is no way that every company in every market could achieve identical results.
  • We are very transparent and we report on everything we do – you’ll know exactly how we spend our time, and you own all of your data.
  • We don’t take advantage of entrepreneurs who don’t yet understand sales and marketing.
  • We’ve been doing this – and only this – for ten years.

We’ve changed some of the how, we’ve never changed the why:
it only takes one well-timed, well executed phone call to change your business forever.

But enough about us – tell us about you!

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