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Managed Sales Pros Recap: Microsoft WPC15

One of the first questions I am asked when we are speaking to IT companies about our services is “Why should we work with you?  How are you different from […]

10 Step Cold Calling Process for MSPs

Cold emails get deleted. Cold calls begin relationships. Use this 10 step process for cold calling managed services prospects and watch your results improve dramatically!

Managed Sales Pros Recap: Datto Partner Conference 2015

I don’t know if it was the heat, or the humidity; but the Datto partner conference in New Orleans last week was one of the best events I’ve ever attended. […]

“How Do We Know We’ll Be Getting Qualified Meetings?”

That’s usually question two on any sales call for our services.  (Question One is “How much does it cost?”) Every potential appointment is sent first to our MSP Call Center […]

Managed Sales Pros Recap: Autotask Community Live 2015

Just back from Autotask Community Live, and what a week it was!  Autotask knows how to throw a party.  Tigers, fedoras, cigars, cocktails…it had it all. We personally kicked off […]

Unwind before Autotask Community Live!!!

Conferences can be exhausting with full days of travel and  back to back sessions from dawn to dusk.    We know this!  Is there anything worse than coming to a gorgeous […]

Managed Sales Pros Recap: IM One Spring 2015, Orlando

While I spent last week busy with HTG, Tracie Orisko was on-site at the spring IM One event in Orlando.  Though I suspect she spent much of her time at […]

HTG Peer Groups Q2 Recap

Managed Sales Pros is proud to be an HTG Peer Groups Gold Sponsor for 2015.  The Q2 meeting marked my first time in Dallas, TX. We saw many of our […]

Autotask Webinar Download

Thanks for joining us on the Autotask webinar!  As a reminder, you’ll be receiving the recorded webinar  from Autotask in the next few days. Below you’ll find the link to download […]

Graduation Day!

On April 16th, 2015, Managed Sales Pros celebrates our one year anniversary (which is March 1) and officially graduates from The Eureka Project , the technology incubator that has been our home for […]