MSPros Sales Pitch Series Week One: Managed Services Cold Calling — Why and How You Should Pitch the Receptionist

Welcome to the Managed Sales Pros eight week series on pitching multiple entry points to win more managed services business.  If you would like posts like these delivered directly to […]

Reaching “Decision Makers”

New clients often come to us insisting that the only person they want to pitch to is the President or CEO.   Everything else is “a waste of time” because […]

The Best Testimonial Ever, Thanks Unity!

Our most recent client is an MSP in Flagstaff, AZ.  They were delighted with the first few weeks of their campaign, and we asked them if they would mind providing […]

Happy CASL Compliance Day! Or: Nobody Opted In, Now What?

Fear-mongering aside, the mad flurry to get your clients and prospects to opt-in before the CASL Compliance July 01 deadline may have been very eye-opening. Think of how many of […]

First Impressions

We call a lot of MSPs here.  I called over 70 myself today and we have multiple reps. This blog post is going to be short and sweet.  First, please […]

Is your MSP meeting qualified?

Other than “How much does it cost?” the first question a prospective client asks us is “How do we know we are going to get qualified meetings?” You decide what […]

Want a new client? Network with them first.

Building a network is not a quick or magic-bullet way to reach someone.  In fact, it will likely  require a lot of work on your part. It’s still a cold […]

Don’t Put All Your CRM (Easter) Eggs in One Basket!

Are you making it easier for you to sell your CRM, or are you making it easier for me to buy your CRM? I’ve had a frustrating experience trying to […]

If You Build It, Will It Work?

th(Originally published on the Cold Calls Lead Generation blog, August 11, 2013)  If you are like most of our clients, before you take the plunge and try a lead generation […]

You Can’t Sell to an Ostrich

Many times we will set up a meeting for a client and they will go to what they thought was a great meeting, only to have the opportunity die on […]

Selling Managed Services When There Is No Perceived Urgency

  Selling Managed Services Selling Managed Services is not a one-call win. It requires a little education. Your target market consists of companies of a size where every dollar counts. […]