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The Exactly Right Magical Perfect Combination of Marketing Things

We use cold calling over other forms of marketing because we’re a cold calling company.   That’s how we make our money.  It benefits me for you to believe that it […]

Event Trigger Referral Networks

Not everyone likes to cold call, and if you build a great referral network, you’ll find you won’t have to cold call quite as often.  You begin creating a referral […]

Managed Sales Pros – 12 Days of Giving Recap

Instead of cards and gifts for our clients, we spend the 12 days leading up to the holidays giving to different charities, groups and people in need.  It’s become an […]

12 Days of Giving 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  It’s time for the #12DaysOfGiving! Instead of buying gifts for our clients, we give something different to a charity for each of the […]

Women In The Channel – A Challenge to Be Bold

Our final post in our Ingram Micro One session coverage focuses on a subject that is near and dear to me. As a partner in a woman-owned, women-led company with […]

Shortening Your Sales Cycle by Selling Security

Tracie Orisko is on-site at Ingram One this week learning more about the solutions that our clients and partners are reselling so that we can help them sell more of […]

New Generation of Decision Makers?

Two things are about to happen in IT Sales. Millennials will soon account for a high percentage of decision makers in IT. Millennials will soon apply to fill most open […]

Managed Sales Pros ITNATION 2016 Recap

Wow, yet another ITNation has come and gone – this was my fifth as an attendee and my third as a sponsor, and it was the most exciting year for […]

Three Years In!

And also Happy Hallowe’en.  Here’s a picture of me and my four year old, Charlie, with Princess Tiana at Disneyworld.  Tiana is Charlie’s favorite princess.  Mine, too.  She works hard […]

Cold Calling (and Life) Lessons from the Grocery Store

I went to the Smiths on Rancho in Las Vegas after work yesterday.  I was heading to a friends place and they’d asked me to pick up a few things.  […]