ROI Cold calling

Are You Wondering What Your Cold Calling ROI Might Be?

As part of your engagement with Managed Sales Pros, we buy or build a list consisting of approximately 2000 leads.

This list will generally last for 12 months’ worth of calling time: your mileage may vary.

Seven years of historical data indicates that around 11% of those leads will be both qualified and interested in talking about changing providers.

If you’re interested in what our MSP clients have to say about their cold calling ROI?  Check out our testimonials!

FACT:  Our best campaigns have generated over 1100% for MSPs like Hilltop Consultants.

This translates to: 220 potential opportunities that are qualified every year.

Every company buying outsourced I.T. services today  is only ever 90 days away from “critical service or communication breakdowns” with their current I.T. solution provider.

A few more facts:

Cold calling ROI is dependent on many things – but you can’t have ROI if you’re not making the calls!

  • Our MSP cold calling agents make more than 8000 dials over 12 months, which is over 900 HOURS of calling per MSP campaign per year!
  • the industry close rate for a “cold” appointment is 25%
  • All purchased lists are at least 3o% wrong and require months of work to make them useful.  The first 90 days of a campaign is all about cleaning up your list.  Check this infographic to see what the first 90 days of your engagement will look like!
  • Data platforms were not built for small business prospecting – they were built for enterprise sales teams to target companies with more than 500 employees, the average MSP client has 25-50 employees.


All of this translates down to you gaining a minimum of 9 new accounts over a 12 month period, when you follow our process.

Let’s look at ROI: