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At Managed Sales Pros we’ve incentivized our team to collect data on every cold call they’ve made for over ten years.  With millions of phone calls made on behalf of dozens of channel partners, our team has built, scrubbed and continues to grow and maintain the highest quality channel partner database in North America.  We update and manage these lists daily, and we track updates on all North American MSPs/MSSPs/TSPs/ISVs/VARs

Market Validation

Managed Sales Pros CEO, Carrie Simpson, was previously responsible for market validation at a government-funded technology incubater, The Eureka Project (now North Forge).

Eureka Project identified that most market research delivered by third party firms as one of the requirements of receiving government R&D funding was not only too expensive for most start-up founders to access, it told whatever story the founder needed it to in order to secure funding.  Put simply: funding was going to the companies that could afford market research, not necessarily the companies that were most deserving of the funding based on the viability of the product.  The studies took too long to complete, and were more complex than necessary – often tying up loans or grants for a founder waiting for an incubator or accelerator placement for six months or more.  Carrie developed a process for organic market validation that Eureka helped use to evaluate which vendors were accepted into the incubator program, and helped founders prove their hypothesis, or helped identify unknown obstacles and barriers to entry.

Market research that is structured with bias towards a hypothesis will never tell you the important things that ‘friends and family’ or ‘seed’ stage founders need to know to make intelligent decision on features, pricing or genuine market gaps.

Managed Sales Pros uses this Organic Market Validation Process to support start up founders who are interested in building North American reseller partner networks in deciding next steps at critical moments in growth.  It has also been adopted by VCs as a cost effective way to determine market reception to concepts and ideas prior to investment.

Enrich Your Lists

How much of your marketing budget is wasted annually marketing to companies that no longer exist, or to people who’ve changed roles?  We estimate that one bad lead that goes unchecked wastes a minimum of 3 hours of sales payroll annually.  At scale, a sales rep trying to engage with just 100 inaccurate leads wastes almost 8 weeks (2 months!!!) of sales productivity every year.

If you have a list of MSPs, and you’d like to verify the accuracy of the data and enrich it prior to launching a marketing campaign, Managed Sales Pros can help by providing you with a comparison, or verifying and updating your database one call at a time.

Missing some key fields?  When you know your best customers use a specific toolset, we can augment your data with key solution provider information, company size, or vendor stack.

Want to eliminate the companies that habitually waste vendor sales time, no show for meetings, or just simply never pick up the phone?  We’ll update your list to reflect this.

Looking for a unique list?  We can help you find it, buy it or build it and verify accuracy for you.


Buy Our Lists

We’ve been calling into the North American I.T. channel for over ten years.  We bought, bartered and built our database, and it’s updated daily via thousands of outbound calls to the MSP/TSP market.  We add new data every day, and more importantly, we track bad data to ensure that after you purchase our data, you don’t import less accurate data from online sources.  We track M&A events, business closures and leadership changes.  Our data not only provides you with clean data, it provides you with the information you need to suppress bad data post list purchases or subscriptions.

Managed Sales Pros can segment data by company size, vendor stack, revenue, and endpoints managed.  This is especially important information when you know how you win against specific competitors.  Is your sweet spot MSPs with 500 or more endpoints who use Connectwise?  We have that list.  MSPs with more than 1000 endpoints buying an MDR solution but not an EDR solution?  We have that list.  Companies buying a specific solution or subscribing to a named platform?  We have that list.

Displacement Leads

When you know your best prospects are already buying from a competitor, you develop a displacement strategy to compete against a specific solution.  Interested in buying a list of your competitors’ clients?  We can help.  RMM, PSA, BDR, Security, Documentation, Training platform – whatever you’re taking to market, when you know where you win, we can give you an advantage by providing you with known users of the technology platform you want to displace.  (Our agents do this every day, if your team would benefit by outsourcing to experienced outbound displacement specialialists, check out our calling campaigns!)


Surveys provide us with the answers to specific questions.   We offer CSAT survey programs for your current clients, win-back survey campaigns to provide you with information on why you lost previous clients, and we can create any survey you wish for the IT reseller market at large.

We create surveys monthly for our own purposes and data collection.  Interested in learning something specific?  Ask us!

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