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Managed Sales Pros MSP Sales Appointments 

Our team of outbound MSP sales appointments setting agents can replace, augment or support your outbound prospecting.  Your IT Sales Pros is the offering that made Managed Sales Pros “channel-famous” for scheduling BETTER MSP sales appointments.  With deep, productive partnerships with companies like Next Level ServicesOSR Manage, Richardson & Richardson Consulting and Helix Sales Development we can help you build and manage your MSP sales process from suspect right through to closed, won.  Whether you’re working on building a 1MM sales pipeline or a 1BB sales pipeline using MSP sales appointments, we can help you get there.  If one of our partners is a better fit, we’ll introduce you to them right away so you don’t need to waste any time looking for the right fit for your business.

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When you’re ready to grow, we’re ready to go!

Priced monthly, with a 120 day initial commitment, our outbound calling team is ready to get started today.  Our fully trained  team uses our proprietary MSP ASK! process to build your pipeline and set qualified MSP sales appointments for your team.

You can combine outbound calling with any of our other services to create a balanced and effective sales and marketing strategy – we’ll help you plan the perfect campaign!  With blocks of time ranging from 5 hours a month to … as many hours as you’ll need per month – we can support any technology company in the achievement of their goals.

Interested in having more control over your sales process?

Sales Management as a Service allows you to eliminate paying the ongoing margins of an outsourced firm. It instead offers you the opportunity to hire in-house sales talent to at fair market rates.  You pay a flat rate for fractional sales leadership, eliminating the need for you to wear yet another hat or become an expert at recruiting, hiring, evaluating, training, coaching and managing superstar sales talent.

Are you looking to build an enterprise sales team?  You need to meet Walter!

There are so many options available – a no-obligation sales consultation is the perfect place to begin your MSP sales appointments campaign.

Managed Sales Pros Webinar Prospecting Campaigns

Like it or not, if you want to schedule more MSP sales appointments, you’ll  need to be a thought leader in your community and industry. It’s not enough to know your stuff. The company with the best marketing usually beats out the company with the best service delivery when it comes to scheduling MSP sales appointments.  You can’t give great service to clients you don’t have! The more times a prospect has heard your company name, the more likely it is they will take your MSP sales appointments when your team calls them!

It’s time to embrace change and move from “trusted advisor” to “thought leader”.  Our managed webinar prospecting solution ensures you’re always in front of prospects, and requires only two hours a week of your time.  Keep your sales funnel full and your company name top-of-mind so you can get those MSP sales appointments when it’s time.  We combine webinars with email sequences and perfectly-timed prospecting calls to schedule BETTER MSP sales appointments.  Done-for-you or done-with-you, we’ll make your webinars BETTER.

The best part? We will help you re-purpose your webinar content for use on social media platforms, in blog posts and in your newsletters!

Managed Sales Pros Managed Podcasting  Campaigns

“But why would anyone want to listen to me?”

We all have stories to tell.  I know we do.  Your prospects do, too.

Podcasts aren’t just about publishing content – they’re about connecting with your buyers, your community and your peers.  A cheerful phone call inviting someone to share their expertise with your listeners on a podcast is a much warmer call than yet another “do you want to change IT providers” sales pitch.

Having your peers, prospects and clients share their podcast with their network creates organic impact that cold calling alone could ever achieve.

We take care of everything – including inviting your prospects to join you online!  Presented as an expert, thought leader and an innovator, you’ll now have a full hour to speak with a prospect before your recording session.  Begin getting BETTER MSP sales appointments by building BETTER sales pipelines using BETTER strategies – like podcasts!

Podcasting campaigns are priced quarterly based on the number of podcasts you wish to produce and the calls you want made, and each podcast includes all the supporting collateral needed to promote it online.

MSP sales appointments increase with the number of touch points your company creates.  Turn your podcast into a prospecting strategy with Managed Sales Pros!

Managed Sales Pros Security Evangelism Campaigns

sell cybersecurity

We’ve perfected the art of asking your clients for referrals.  And asking their clients for referrals.  And asking their clients’ clients for referrals. Want BETTER leads that lead to more MSP sales appointments?  Let us introduce you to the “Social Responsibility Security Chain” – our most effective lead collection strategy to date!

Want BETTER leads? Start with better referrals!

Security Evangelism starts with CSAT or Net Promoter surveys and ends with opportunities for security assessments and managed services contracts.

Managed Sales Pros Training and Consulting

Managed Sales Pros offers custom sales training and consulting packages as well as on-demand MSP appointment setting training for you or your sales team.  Carrie Simpson offers live and virtual training and consulting options for both MSPs and vendors who are interested in creating high performing outbound campaigns.  Our trainings focus on building sales process, testing sales playbooks and creating documentation so that your team can execute on a defined strategy that is both repeatable and scalable.  You’ll schedule more MSP sales appointments, and better MSP sales appointments, too!

Often the biggest sales challenges can be solved fairly quickly.  Have you ever walked into a prospects server closet and immediately understood why they’re having so many problems?  Sometimes sales consulting is like that, too.

Training and consulting time can be booked online.

Pre-built MSP sales appointment setting training can be delivered on-demand, virtually or live!

Bespoke MSP sales training solutions require consulting prior to execution.

Sometimes what you think is a sales issue is actually a much larger issue – if we are concerned you’re putting the cart before the horse we’ll recommend you chat with Richardson & Richardson Consulting before making any investments in sales outsourcing.

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