On-Demand Webinars

Tuesday Talking Points will feature Carrie Simpson, Tracie Orisko and many of our solution provider and vendor partners sharing success stories and valuable tips. No sales pitches, we promise – just good advice, case studies and real, actionable suggestions that you can implement in-house.

Effective Team Collaboration and Communication

When you sell technology, are you selling the product, or are you selling the outcome? Ian Richardson, CEO of Doberman Technologies joins us to talk about the technology behind one to one, one to many, and many to many communication — and shares important communication strategies for business owners that are implementing new communication tools. Carrie Simpson hosts.

Strategic Planning For Business Owners

Ian Richardson, CEO of Doberman Technologies and Carrie Simpson, CSIR host and CEO of Managed Sales Pros chat about their experiences with business planning using popular methodologies like StratOps and Traction. Ian shares 10 things you should consider when planning.

Cybersecurity For Small Business Owners

Join CSIR host Carrie Simpson, and Doberman Technologies CEO Ian Richardson for a 60 minute primer on cyber security essentials for businesses with with under 200 employees. Learn the “must haves” to protect your business, your employees, your vendors and your clients.

Smart Content Marketing for MSPs

CJ Arlotta of CJ Media Solutions LLC and Marie Meoli Rourke of Whitefox Marketing Inc. join Carrie Simpson from Managed Sales Pros to share best practices and great ideas for managed services providers looking to improve their content marketing results!

MSP Sales Playbooks

This webinar takes you beyond “buyer personas” and “cadence” to discuss how playbooks define your company sales culture. With a sales playbook your company shifts from reactive to proactive, with clearly defined sales activities for all team members in all situations.

Cold Calling Q&A with Carrie Simpson

What should you do before you outsource your sales development or hire an outbound cold caller? Are my agents performing? What do I need to do first? How many calls should my agent make every day? How many appointments should my agent get weekly? Carrie Simpson, CEO of Managed Sales Pros answers these questions for MSP business owners.

Remote Sales Team Management

Tim McNeil from Osprey Strategic Research and Carrie Simpson from Managed Sales Pros discuss how MSPs can hire and manage remote sales teams.

Setting Up Your CRM or PSA For Better Outbound MSP Sales Prospecting

Join Carrie Simpson, Founder of Managed Sales Pros, as we share the five most common CRM platforms that MSPs are using today. Should you buy a CRM for your MSP? Is your PSA sufficient for prospecting? Carrie reviews platform neutral best practices for prospecting, and suggests some simple ways to use Hubspot, ZohoCRM or Connectwise more effectively.

Buying and Building Sales Prospecting Lists For MSPs

Carrie Simpson, CEO of Managed Sales Pros, shares on the challenges of buying sales prospecting data lists post Covid-19. Big challenges include incomplete, incorrect and out of date information. Learn how to use Google and LinkedIn to build your own sales lists for your I.T. company. Managed Sales Pros helps I.T. companies grow by increasing their sales.

Wartime CEO – Layoffs, and Other Difficult Choices

Carrie Simpson, CEO of Managed Sales Pros and Jim Turner, CEO of Hilltop Consultants discuss how MSP CEOs might approach furloughing staff members in a crisis. Major takeaway: you’re going to want to talk to an HR consultant or employment lawyer before you come up with creative ways to try to keep your team or change their job descriptions/duties/salaries.

Wartime MSP CEO – Jim Turner, CEO, Hilltop Consultants

Jim Turner, CEO of Hilltop Consultants, shares the strategies he is focusing on to keep this MSP thriving through the global shutdown. This weekly series features MSP CEOs sharing finance, sales, marketing and operations strategies.

Closing Cold Sales Appointments with Doberman Technologies

Ian Richardson, CEO of Doberman Technologies shares closing secrets in a #ClosersClub fireside chat with Tracie Orisko, President of Managed Sales Pros. Learn how Ian moves 90% of his Managed Sales Pros scheduled sales appointments to proposal stage, and closes 75% of his proposals.

MSPros Tuesday Talking Points: Closing Cold Appointments

Closing cold appointments is harder than closing referrals, and the process is different. James Wroten, CEO of Need Computer Help shares how he’s been able to reduce his cold sales cycle to match that of his inbound and warm referral cycle.

How a Streamlined Payment Process Prepares your MSP for Acquisition

Paul MacNeill, CEO of Wise-Sync, successfully completed a merger in 2012 and exited from his MSP in 2016 when his MSP was acquired. Paul shares how Wise Sync created a more profitable MSP, making them a much more attractive acquisition target.

Creating a Solid Foundation for Sales Success

Guy Baroan, Founder, Baroan Technologies and Erick Simpson, VP, SPCInternational chat with Carrie Simpson of Managed Sales Pros about the processes required to implement successful outbound prospecting – in-house or with a third party firm.

MSPros Tuesday Talking Points: Reese Ormand, TechVera – Building a Successful Referral Program

Reese Ormand, CEO of TechVera joins Carrie Simpson to chat about their extensive rebranding initiative, the change from break fix to MSP and doubling their MRR using a referral program.

MSPros Tuesday Talking Points: Coaching Sales Development Representatives for Success

David Dulany from Tenbound Consulting in San Francisco shares some valuable insights on building and coaching a new sales team.

How You Can Create a Winning Company Culture that Fosters Sales Success

Dan Waldschmidt of Edgy Conversations and Carrie Simpson from Managed Sales Pros talk sales tools and strategies that lead to an AWESOME sales culture.

Active Referral Networks – Never make another Cold Call!

If you don’t love cold calling, you can make a whole lot fewer of them if you’ve got a great referral network. Here are some tips!

Cold Calling Like a Boss When You’re the Boss – Principal Led Selling Strategies

Peer to peer selling strategies for SMBs – why cold calling still works, and how it works even better for business owners and leaders.

MSPros Tuesday Talking Points: Larry Cobrin, MSPCFO – Using Analytics to Improve your Sales Processes and Increase Your MRR

Larry Cobrin from MSPCFO shares the key metrics you should be measuring to identify your most profitable clients and create better opportunities.

MSPros Tuesday Talking Points: Denes Purnhauser, Reframe Your Clients – Building, pricing and selling vCIO solutions for MSPs

Denes Purnhauser, CEO of Reframe Your Clients shares the biggest mistakes MSPs are making when it comes to building their vCIO offerings, and how you can increase your MRR with the correct approach.

Process-driven Prospecting Drives Predictable Revenue

Carrie Simpson, Founder and CEO of Managed Sales Pros, Inc., and Autotask’s SVP of Channel Development, Len DiCostanzo, talk about how IT Service Providers can develop and execute process driven lead generation campaigns to help grow recurring revenue and take their business to the next level.

MSPros Tuesday Talking Points: Jim Turner, Hilltop Consultants & Jeff Benedetti, Datto – Selling Managed Services – using BDR as a thin wedge

Jim Turner from Hilltop Consulting and Jeff Benedetti from Datto share how to use BDR to win more MSP business and increase your MRR.

Hiring A Sales Lead Generator For Your MSP

Carrie Simpson shares advice on how to hire lead generators for your MSP. When you should add to your team, what to look for, what to avoid, and when to outsource vs. hire in-house.

MSPros Tuesday Talking Points: David Forster, Adster Creative – You Complete Me: Why a Digital Advertising Company Uses Telephone Prospecting

Adster Creative CEO David Forster shares how they worked with Managed Sales Pros to create a more successful marketing program

MSPros Tuesday Talking Points: Brad Benner, Nex.to – Customer Satisfaction – Are your clients loving you or leaving you?

Brad Benner, CEO of Nex.to shares how a one-question survey can help you retain your clients. Don’t miss Managed Sales Pros announcing a new service offering around 40 minutes in!

Best Lead Tips from 3 Experts in the IT Sales Industry

Carrie Simpson, CEO of Managed Sales Pros discusses creating and executing a lead generation campaign custom-tailored to the managed services markets. Learn how to dial Up the perfect strategy! Carrie is joined in this webinar by Stuart Crawford of Ulistic and Chris Sterbenc of FreedomVoice.

MSPros Tuesday Talking Points: Ryan Morris, Morris Management Partners – MSP Sales: What Works Now … What Must Change

What seperates the 20% of MSPs experiencing year after year growth from the 80% of MSPs that are trying unsuccessfully to grow? A Sales Engine. On this webinar, learn why some MSPs win consistently while others struggle, and how you can make the transition to success if you’re in the latter group.

MSPros Tuesday Talking Points: Successfully Managing Outbound Prospecting in Connectwise with Tim McNeil, Osprey Strategic Research

Tim O’Neill from Osprey Strategic Research joins Carrie Simpson for a chat on how MSPs can better use their PSA for sales prospecting. An overview on prospecting to the Contract End Date, predicting sales success using a point system, and a little good-natured competitive trash talk.

MSPros Tuesday Talking Points: Grow Your Business With A Conservative Marketing Budget with Pete Busam, Equilibrium Consulting

My favorite part is around the 40 minute mark where Pete shares some tips on marketing strategies you may not yet be exploring that aren’t expensive and will organically increase your SEO ranking! Check it all out, but if you’re all TLDR, skip to there!

Adding VoIP to Your managed Offering with George Bardissi, BVoIP

Join Carrie Simpson and George Bardissi as they discuss how to offer VoIP to your current and prospective MSP clients, and how the BVoiP partner program can help you increase your MRR.

New Year, New Leads! Prospecting for MSPs with Carrie Simpson, Managed Sales Pros

Managed Sales Pros CEO Carrie Simpson shares what you should use cold call prospecting for, and some tips on getting started today.