Carrie Simpson Hallway Conference Managed Sales Pros

Hallway Conference was inspired by the best conversations we have at the best conferences we attend! Come listen to ideas we picked in the hallway and perfected on the patio. Hallway Conference is hosted by Carrie Simpson, the founder of Managed Sales Pros and creator of the MSP ASK! IT sales prospecting methodology.

If you’re interested in being a guest on Hallway Conference, please contact Carrie at – we record content weekly, and we’re recording daily at most major industry events, so if you’re heading to an IT conference, we want to talk to YOU!

Interested in starting your own podcast to promote your IT business?  Podcasting is a great way to become a thought leader – especially when you’re publishing content that is educational, relevant to your prospects and is produced and published on a predictable schedule.

Not everyone has the time to manage all the moving parts – if you’re already busy enough, Managed Sales Pros can help you start, manage and grow your podcast.  From inviting guests to publication, our managed podcasting solution gets your message in front of your market.  We’ll help you be a consistent creator while eliminating most of the lift and all of the stress of coming up with unique ideas and new guests weekly!  Schedule time with us here to discuss it!