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MSP ASK! is a defined prospecting objection handling process that we have developed for displacement selling.  We perfected our process while training our in-house team, who-in turn-have helped build the sales pipelines for thousands of managed service providers. We productized our knowledge and we’ve trained hundreds of MSP sales prospecting agents in this methodology, leading to a 200% to 1100% increase in their managed services revenue.

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How is the MSP ASK! Process different?

The biggest differentiator between us and every other company in our space is the MSP ASK! process, a framework that creates long-lasting sales impact for our clients which will improve your conversion rates, and increase your MRR.

The MSP ASK! Process creates sales teams that follow a defined process, resulting in sales programs that succeed.

Could Any Company Use the MSP ASK! Process Successfully?

Any company could adopt this process and experience the same levels of success that Managed Sales Pros enjoys every year.  Our process is so clearly defined that any of our agents could immediately take over the account of any other agent and be successful on that campaign immediately, with very little training required.

What Would Our Company Need To Do Before We Implement MSP ASK!?

Before you train your team to use it, you’ll want to make sure your organization has already focused on forging the building blocks of displacement selling that are essential to master before you implement any new sales process framework.  Before spending any more money on training and development for your sales team, ensure your company culture is incentivizing your team on the right behaviors.

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Are You Ready To Change?

Changes in sales will require you to make actual changes. While some people say they want change, their actions tell a different story.

Dragging your feet when it comes to firing that underperforming sales rep? Reluctant to bite the bullet and buy out that non-performing marketing agency contract? There’s no point in trying to follow our MSP ASK! sales process if you’re not ready to refine your process. Decide what you want. You can either stay stuck where you are or you can shift, grow, evolve. Accountability must be woven into soul of your business for MSP ASK! to be it’s most effective.

Can We Implement MSP ASK! Without Assistance?

Absolutely.  You can self-implement this process using our on-demand training portal. Priced per agent, any company can introduce a new or experienced sales representative to the MSP ASK! program.  It’s built into the core of every campaign we create.  Combined with the the three basic fundamentals below and some soft skill and product knowledge training, it can be self-taught, instructor-led, or delivered in a classroom style environment.

Do We Need To Hire An Instructor

While you’re deciding whether or not this change is for you, here are the three initial things we suggest you focus on prior to engaging any sales or marketing expert, investing in a new shiny tool or magic pill, or implementing any new sales process, including the MSP ASK!. If you don’t know how to get started, a complimentary sales consult can point you in the right direction.

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Qualify At Point Of First Contact

First Point of Contact Lead Qualification reduces the number of wasted dials and ensures your call team spends only 20 percent of their calling time talking to the wrong contacts,  with 80 percent of their calling time focused on making calls that build your sales funnel.

Prioritize Data Integrity

Build Your Own Database.  Build it in-house.  Do not share it, trade it or co-market with it.  Do not buy data platform subscriptions.

Your commitment to data hygiene will determine your level of success.  Dirty data equals wasted dials, frustrated agents and poor results.  Even the best sales agents can’t perform at capacity when they’re wading through piles of garbage.

Buying data from subscription platforms instead of building data wastes at minimum 30% of your sales and marketing budget.  Buying data that gets “human verified” is a lie. If it’s wrong that means you’re paying to clean up lists for for your competitors.  Which means you waste hundreds of dollars on marketing to a bad lead, then the lead platform fixes the mistake and sells the correct data on to your competitor.  Instead of paying to subscribe to data platforms, pay to build your own database, and then create a culture that values showing their work in your CRM or PSA so that your data is always clean.

Manage To A Process, Not To An Outcome

If all of your Key Performance Indicators are outcome-focused, you can’t fix what’s broken when the outcome changes.  Everyone is happy when sales reps are hitting their numbers.  When they’re not, you need to understand why not.  Without metrics to measure and compare, you won’t be able to catch the small changes that lead to big problems.  “Meetings Scheduled” is an outcome KPI.  “Data Points Collected Per Call” is a process KPI.  The right process leads to the right outcomes.  When you fix  your process, better outcomes follow.

Once you’ve got the basics handled (or call us, we can help you implement them!) you’re ready to build a process.

How Does an MSP install the MSP ASK! process?

Well, to get started, you ASK us about it!

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The MSP ASK! objection handling process is built on a simple framework intended to counter the most common MSP sales objections:

“We already have that!”

“We don’t need that.”

“We’re happy with our current provider!”

“My friend/neighbour does our IT!”

“We’re in a contract.”

“We don’t take sales calls.”

“We’re not big enough to need an IT company.”

“We only need support once in a while.”

“Our CEO likes fixing the computers.”

“I don’t think we would use that.”

If your team struggles to get through the initial objections of the gatekeeper, and the more decisive objections of the person who signs the cheque, your team could benefit from learning and using the MSP ASK! objection handling process.  Options include live training, virtual instructor-led training, or on-demand training.  It is priced per agent.  You can train one agent, or your entire team.  If you’re looking for a customized, branded new-hire learning management system, we can create a training program based on our MSP ASK! framework for your own ongoing training requirements.

The process is simple and formulaic:

A:  Acknowledge the objection

S:  State a fact about the business

K:  Keep the conversation going with an open-ended question

If you can’t talk to your prospects, you can’t sell to your prospects.  Our MSP ASK! process leads to more conversations with more prospects, which leads to more closed deals.

Pricing varies.  On demand training is priced per agent, for one-time access.  A certificate is provided upon completion, and a report is provided to the employer.  Multiple agents will receive individual codes for each.  Multi-use platform access can be negotiated, and custom LMS platforms require more time and attention, but are priced for unlimited usage by one organization.

Ready to experience the success that only comes from using a well-defined, proven process?  Work with our team to do your prospecting for you, or let us help you build your sales process and playbook.  Email us at or fill out the form below, we’ll get back to you right away!

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