How can we help?

Sales got you stressed? Relax, we’re here to help.

You’re here for a reason. Maybe we sparked your interest at a trade show, maybe you discovered us online, maybe a friend referred you. No matter how you found us, you’re here because you feel like you could be capitalizing on more opportunities to grow your business.

Now, you could just sit there staring at the handsome man in the fedora, or you could take this chance to put Managed Sales Pros to work. Whether your business is already well-established, or still emerging, we can help take it to the next level.

Dialing up the perfect strategy

All of our packages are customizable so we can create the optimal sales strategy to best fit your company’s needs. Take a look, have a read, and give us a call!

No.1 // Sales Appointment Setting

The complete, hands off, leave-it-to-us package.

We get on the phones and schedule meetings for you. All you need to do is clear your calendar.

No.2 // Prospecting Training

Give us 16 hours of your time and we’ll have you prospecting like the pros!

Learn the same techniques that Managed Sales Pros uses to schedule over 300 qualified IT sales appointments every month.

No.3 // On-Site Cold Call Training

This intensive two day program comes to you.

Our abbreviated, two-day crash course is sure to rid you of the fear of cold calling and build some confidence in your sales technique.

No.4 // Respond, Retain, Refer

Happy clients stay longer, buy more and provide referrals.

This program works with you to create a feedback system that leads to higher client satisfaction, more renewals and a steady stream of warm referrals.

No.5 // Consulting

Building your own successful in-house sales prospecting engine is possible!

From an hour on the phone to a full on-site program overhaul, we help you build the foundation for ongoing sales success.

No.6 // Thought Leadership Content Prospecting

Effectively deliver relevant content through an automated marketing campaign and spark highly personal interactions with interested businesses.