Let’s get you dialed in.

One or the other.  Or both. Consider using one of our professional, experienced sales development agents to keep your sales funnel full while you work with our consulting team to build your own repeatable, scalable sales development process.  From “as a service” to “in a box” to “bespoke”, we have a solution for every budget.

No.1 // Consulting

Building your own successful in-house sales prospecting engine is possible!  Save yourself hours (or years) of frustrating sales losses by creating the right sales process for your IT company.  You can pay us to do it for you, or you can learn how to do it yourself and enjoy more control and higher margins.  

The major advantage of outsourcing is immediacy.  We can start calling right now.  If you’re going to do it in-house, you will need to plan, test, plan some more, recruit, hire, train, manage and improve your sales prospecting team. It’s totally possible, and it’s often the right choice for smaller companies.

Do you need an hour of call auditing and feedback? Do you want to spend a year gradually updating, changing and improving your sales strategy? Are you ready for a full-time, on-site rip-and-replace overhaul of your entire sales process?  We can support gradual or accelerated approaches to new programs, processes, systems and playbooks.

No.2 // Sales Appointment Setting

We don’t do “MQL” here. Your scheduled appointments will meet all of your qualifiers. They’ll have a defined need, and a timeline to purchase.  Finally, they’ll confirm via email that they understand that you’re meeting to talk about replacing their current provider.

Stop wasting your time explaining to your lead generation firm that a broken printer isn’t a managed services sales opportunity.  If there isn’t an opportunity, it isn’t a sales lead.  It’s not your job to spin gold from straw, it’s our job to find, nurture and qualify opportunities.   We schedule hour-long in-person (and through the pandemic web-based) discovery calls that you are well-prepared for, because our team has already found all the pain points for you.

No.3 // Prospecting Training

We can teach you how to cold call.  We can teach your team how to cold call.  We can teach you how to write better scripts, create better workflows and close more deals.

In person.  Online.  Live.  On-demand. Build your own branded in-house sales training course, use our pre-recorded training, or tell us what you’re trying to achieve and we can suggest the best ways to get you or your agents performing at their best. Sales is a process, not a natural ability.  If you can learn a process, you can sell.

No.4 // Retain and Refer

Happy clients stay longer, buy more and provide referrals.

This program works with you to create a feedback system that leads to higher client satisfaction, more renewals and a steady stream of warm referrals.  We can do it for you, or we can teach you.  If you’re enjoying growing by word-of-mouth, our proven process can accelerate your referral network – without even one cold call.  Build case studies, write testimonials, retain your happiest clients and grow your MRR – without cold calling!

No.5 // Thought Leadership Content Prospecting

Effectively deliver relevant content through marketing campaigns that spark the interest of your prospects and create highly personal interactions with interested businesses.

With no events to attend, and no networking opportunities, your lead flow may be slowing down significantly.  Before your pipeline dries up, why not try new ways of interacting with your prospects?  Let Managed Sales Pros create a thought leadership campaign that presents you as the premiere expert in your industry and community.  Love our content?  We can make yours pop, too!