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No.1 // Sales Appointment Setting

Sales Appointment Setting for Managed Service Providers

Managed Sales Pros believes in two things above all else:  transparency and data integrity.  Our MSP sales appointment setting service provides you with access to (and ownership of) all of your data.  Our sales appointment setting program provides you with a set amount of calling hours weekly.  Our goal is to create and nurture a sales pipeline that provides not only sales appointments while you are engaged with us, but a sales pipeline that gets more valuable to you with every dial made.  Our services will provide you with opportunities for years, not quarters.


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How many meetings can we expect?

This varies by client and by market. Please call us to discuss.

Will you work in our CRM/PSA?

Our results are significantly better when we are able to use our in-house dialer. All data is transferred to clients weekly in a .csv file.

What is your policy on geographical exclusivity?

We only work with one MSP in any market. (Exception to this rule would be if your firm targets 50+ seat prospects while another firm targets >50 seats)

Do you work with off-shore telemarketers?

No. All of our callers are located in the United States and Canada, who are native English speakers. We try, wherever possible, to match local callers with local projects.

Do we have to sign a yearly contract?

No. Our minimum commitment is one quarter.

Do I have to provide a list?

No. We provide the lists. This is included in your campaign costs. If you would like to use an in-house list, we are happy to evaluate it for quality and feed it in to your campaign.

Do I provide a script?

No. We provide the script. We have created multiple scripts that we find are very effective for identifying opportunities and qualifying potential MSP clients. Your feedback is welcome, but we don’t stray too far away from what we know works.

How do I know the meetings will be qualified?

All meetings are secured using an Outlook Invitation. The invite is sent to you and the prospect, and detailed notes from the conversation are transcribed in the body of the email. Both you and the prospect will read the email and accept the invite. Once both parties have accepted, this is considered a qualified, billable meeting. The qualifying parameters must be clearly outlined in the body of the email. This eliminates any exaggeration on the part of our reps or the prospect (ie, you don’t get a rep saying there are 30 seats when there are only 10 and you don’t get a budget of 2000 if their budget is 1000, etc.).

Can I have some references?

Yes. Please inquire on the Contact Us page. In the meantime, check out our Client Testimonials!

Why do you need to know so much about us?

We want to continue to be a successful company. We only want to work with companies that are actively working towards that goal themselves. We ask hard questions because we want good clients.

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