MSP Corp partnered with Managed Sales Pros in 2021 to help us identify high-value targets for partner acquisition in Canada. Carrie Simpson’s knowledge of the MSP space, her relationships with MSPs and vendors, and the curated MSP database made Managed Sales Pros the best choice for our ongoing partner recruitment requirements. Carrie was able to secure first time meetings, and then nurtured the relationships from the first meetings right through to signed letters of intent from high-value Canadian managed IT services firms. I would recommend working with Managed Sales Pros if you’re interested in highly qualified appointments in the managed IT services space.

Ravi Ramharak Co-Founder & Managing Director M&A
MSP Corp

We’ve used many telemarketing programs in the past, but have never felt like they were a true extension of our company (or sale’s team). With lofty growth goals, we turned to Managed Sales Pros to implement a telemarketing program for our IT Division, Strategic Systems. Working with Managed Sales Pros has been simple, and efficient for our team’s needs. Their team is well versed in the MSP space, learned our specific offerings, and overall program goals, and this allows for seamless introductions to prospects, fluid follow-up, and meaningful conversations/appointments for our sales team.

Blake Alford President
CEI - The Digital Office

Through my position at Tigerpaw as the VP of Sales & Marketing, I was lucky enough to have a business relationship with Managed Sales Pros for the third time. The reason I keep going back to Managed Sales Pros has been the people and the proven success. Years ago I was lucky enough to meet Carrie Simpson as she entered the channel and began strongly building her practice, within just a few short years, she was known across the industry. My first interaction was aimed around consulting and webinar education with Carrie directly, this was some of our best produced content of the year. My second interaction with Managed Sales Pros was during my time in a 1,000 person organization, where we trusted Managed Sales Pros to expand our SDR efforts. They were so successful that we continued to ramp up our program year over year while they continued to produce great results. When I arrived in my current role at Tigerpaw and was tasked with increasing our inbound lead activity, I knew Managed Sales Pros would help get us there. I reached out to the team at Managed Sales Pros and was impressed at the different feeling I had from day 1, this was not a simple client to account owner relationship, this was a strategic partnership. I am hopeful to have the opportunity to work with the Managed Sales Pros team again in the future and would be happy to trust them as the cold calling experts.

Alec Stanners VP Sales
TigerPaw Software

We could not be happier with Managed Sales Pros consulting services. Carrie seamlessly integrated into our team, assessed the situation and started acting proactively in our interest almost immediately.  She knew what needed to be done at the stage we were at better than we did and started executing successfully on day one.  It was like instantly having another partner at the helm, and her input and the feedback she was able to gather rapidly absolutely guided our path early on.  I can say that without a doubt we would not have the success we have had without their guidance.  I felt like if she had left after the first day of our engagement, we would have gotten our monies worth.  In the time since, both Carrie and her partner Tracie have continued to advocate for us, make connections and send ideas our way.  In 20 years of business, hiring Managed Sales Pros was one of the best decisions we have ever made, and one we would and will make again.

Alex Permenter CEO
Help Desk Buttons

We were looking for a North American sales development partner who was experienced in the I.T. channel. Based on references and research, we felt confident that Managed Sales Pros would be the right choice for us.

We hired a vendor, we found a true partner.  Not only did Managed Sales Pros fill our sales funnel, they were able to broker introductions to other vendors, channel influencers and reseller partners that were known early adopters of new technologies and software.

We recommend working with Managed Sales Pros. Their integrity, investment in our success, transparency and accountability made them the obvious choice for us, and the obvious choice for any new vendor considering entering into the I.T. channel.

Paul Azad CEO
Service Tree Connect

This is our third engagement with Managed Sales Pros. Once again, the Managed Sales Pros team is knocking it out of the park for Servosity.

Managed Sales Pros provided ROI in the first week of engaging with them. Within the first week, they had set several appointments. We closed the first appointment they set. If that doesn’t prove their alignment, knowledge of the MSP market, and incredibly rapid speed to market; nothing will.

We interviewed other sales and marketing partners before making our choice – the other partners we evaluated expected us to provide our own lists, billed for lengthy consulting and on-boarding processes that extended months or even a quarter into our engagement, and did not have the industry experience that our previously vetted partner did.

Partnering with Managed Sales Pros again was a simple choice, and the best one for our business.

Damien Stevens CEO

“We have been working with Managed Sales Pros since November 2018. Six months into our engagement we doubled our investment with their team to expand our reach into another city. We have been consistently impressed with their professional callers, their detailed and transparent reporting process, and the highly qualified sales appointments we received. If you’re looking for a true sales partner who will help you better understand your own sales process while they support your growth, Managed Sales Pros should be your first call.”

Oscar Diaz CEO
Tecbound Technologies

“We first spoke with Managed Sales Pros a few years ago, but chose a less expensive company for sales appointment setting. After months of no appointments, we decided to talk to Managed Sales Pros again. Their team analyzed our program and identified several ways that they would be able to improve our business development campaigns. We made the change, and appreciated the honest approach of their sales team. They shared a timeline for success and told us not to expect ROI for a year. We were surprised when we started getting qualified sales meetings in the first few weeks of our engagement. The transparent reporting we receive every week helps us understand our program, and we meet weekly to review our program, strategize and provide feedback. Before you waste your time and money with their competitors, talk to Managed Sales Pros. They understand our industry, and their team is 100% committed to our success.”

Damien Wieczorek Director of Operations
Coral Vision

“We hired Managed Sales Pros to generate warm leads for our sales team.

Working with Managed Sales Pros was terrific and not only would I recommend them, we would hire them again in a heartbeat. They delivered exactly what they promised!

We especially loved working with Ashley as our campaign manager and we have named our caller, Aaron, as honorary AIT employee of the quarter!!”

Vic Manfredi President
Affordable IT

Our experience working with Managed Sales Pros has been extremely positive. We engaged a full time agent to introduce Egenera to the MSP Channel. Our decision to work with Managed Sales Pros was based on several factors including their excellent references, their proprietary database of IT resellers, and their on-premise call center. We found the on-boarding process to be thorough and efficient, we received our first qualified appointments on the first day their team began dialing the phones. Having an experienced team that knows the IT channel made a huge difference for us. We’ve had to put our campaign on hold for a while – we received so many leads that we now have to adjust our internal processes. We can’t wait to reengage with Managed Sales Pros when our team is ready to go again!

Kevin Kerrigan Chief Executive Officer

I’ve always considered Managed Sales Pros to be the definitive master of MSP sales.  Discovering a sales process alongside Managed Sales Pros resulted in a dramatic increase in revenue.

I’ve always spoken highly of Managed Sales Pros and will continue to give others my highest recommendation.  There is something about working with professionals that are extremely good-at-what-they-do that just makes my day.  It is so hard to find partners who do-what-they-say and say-what-they- do and deliver results.

Michael Loveless, Jr. Operations Director
Next Strategic Technologies

“We engaged Managed Sales Pros to help us build our North American reseller channel. 6 months in to our engagement we have already received more than 250% ROI and based on this we doubled our investment in our Managed Sales Pros outbound program. They are quickly becoming our best source of new opportunities. The Managed Sales Pros team started producing new business for us within two weeks of our campaign launch. Their process is transparent and flexible, and our prospects have repeatedly commented on the skill and professionalism of “our” callers. We would highly recommend them to any technology vendor looking to grow their client base.”

Andrew Kaiser VP Sales and Marketing
Huntress Labs

“Managed Sales Pros has assisted the Channel Futures team for the last two years in promoting our annual MSP 501 ranking list. Carrie doesn’t only have a vast network of channel contacts. She has a personal relationship with them, built and carefully cultivated from her years in this space. People trust Carrie (as they should), and therefore open the emails she sends and pick up the phone when she calls. Both years we contracted with Carrie to help us spread the 501 word among channel partners, she was an invaluable asset. Her efforts put us over our applicant goal, and we credit her work with way more than a few submissions.”​

“Carrie is easy and fun to work with, always ready with a friendly hello and quick-wit banter. She responds to emails almost immediately, and never lost her patience when I acted like a typical client and asked her for updated metrics every 12 seconds, even on the weekends. I recommend Carrie and Managed Sales Pros with no reservations, and am looking forward to a continued relationship that’s both fun and productive—it’s hard to beat that!”​

Kris Blackmon Content Director
Channel Futures

“We utilize Managed Sales Pros for outbound calling and appointment setting. We now have a healthy pipeline of business, and regular activity in the forms of meetings and calls.  They have a proven process, method and execution that works! It is a pleasure having them as part of our team and Managed Sales Pros would be a welcome addition to any organization.  The staff is superb and responsive as well as professional and results driven. We are very happy with their MSPros and highly recommend them!”​

Computer Solutions

“We recently had one of our new sales consultants attend the Managed Sales Pros prospecting training program. The course was quite comprehensive and was very beneficial for him.”

“Before working with Carrie, we had noticed our sales consultant had picked up some bad habits over the years and was way too rushed in his sales approach. He was also starting to get frustrated and was at risk of burning out or simply leaving.

The Managed Sales Pros sessions helped calm him down, ask smart questions, and simply listen to the customer.

Since the completion of these sessions, his sales performance has noticeably increased and he’s a much more effective team member.

We would highly recommend this 16-hour program to any MSP business owner or MSP sales professional who is looking to improve their own skills or the skills of their team. It was an excellent investment that paid for itself immediately.”

Daniel Johnson President
Machine Logic

“We decide to bring our appointment setting in-house and engaged Managed Sales Pros (MSP) to design a comprehensive infrastructure that we would improve our sales performance.

Carrie Simpson, CEO of Managed Sales Pros, came on-site to evaluate our existing calling process, and analyze our sales and marketing tools, and related systems. Carrie designed a new process for outbound calling, re-designed our CRM/Sales/Marketing platforms with better functionality for our callers, which resulted in a wholly integrated, comprehensive process that our callers can easily implement for successful outcomes.

As a direct result of Carrie’s consulting services we are qualifying leads better, and have seen an increase in the number and quality of appointments being set. I highly recommend Managed Sales Pros’ consulting services to any Managed IT company that’s looking to bring appointment setting in-house and increase their sales performance.

Well worth the investment, you will see immediate results with Managed Sales Pros.”

Michael Nelson Director of Business Development
SyApps, LLC

“Our engagement with Managed Sales Pros has been a very positive experience since day one. They know the MSP business inside and out, understanding the products and services that help differentiate us from our competition. We have been very successful building a strategy together to target the client audience that we are pursuing. The professional, ongoing communication provided by Ashley and his team keeps us fully informed of campaign progress, as well as providing open access to call data and reporting. We are truly working together as a team to build business together. We recommend Managed Sales Pros for your MSP cold calling needs!”

Brian Loughlin COO
Intelice Solutions

“Here at Auvik, we’re 100% committed to the success of our MSP partner and we want them to have the best possible experience. When choosing a sales development partner, our initial concern was extending that commitment to include outsourced sales outreach. We know that Managed Sales Pros is representing our company the same way we would, and that was an important factor in our decision.”

Jacqui Murphy VP Marketing

“At Inbay, we provide exceptional inbound support.  Our clients know that they can rely on us all day every day to provide the additional support needed to augment their in-house managed services offering.  We enable MSPs to provide great service to their clients around the clock.  We are growing rapidly, and we want to continue providing the high caliber of service that our partners expect – we didn’t want to have our attention diverted at this stage in our expansion. The undertaking of building a whole new department would have required us to change our focus. Working with Managed Sales Pros frees us from having to recruit, hire, train, manage and support a sales development team.  Managed Sales Pros has a fully staffed outbound team well versed in everything IT, and their own lead list. Their performance-based pricing model made this decision easy.”

Kristian Wright Managing Director

“Since engaging with Managed Sales Pros, we have received a steady stream of qualified opportunities within a highly-competitive market that carry the potential to become long-standing clients. Ashley and his Managed Services team have consistently delivered effective communication, providing detailed prospect overviews upon appointment set, so that when we enter a meeting, we are fully prepared to offer targeted solutions for prospects’ pain points. We look forward to continued growth and success, thanks to our involvement with Managed Sales Pros.”

Stacy Adams President and CEO
Direct Tec Inc.

“Our engagement with Managed Sales Pros just began in June and they have been delivering solid results for us. We have already closed two deals! We are extremely happy with our caller, Jackie. Her attention to detail and effective communication with potential clients have helped to ensure that all of our leads have been very well-vetted and are prepared to take our meetings with them. We are so pleased with their performance to date that we are now considering signing on for additional services to support our in-house sales team. Thank you, Managed Sales Pros!”

Dave Roberts Principal

“We enlisted Managed Sales Pros to uncover Managed Services opportunities and conduct call-downs in an effort to build our marketing lists. Their team generated interest and information requests amongst hundreds of qualified prospects within a short period of time, playing a role in marketing our brand to a wider potential client base. The momentum we witnessed from our cold calling campaign was so compelling that we have decided to hire two full-time, in-house callers to further enhance our level of scale. I would recommend Managed Sales Pros for any of your company’s cold calling initiatives.”

Dustin Puryear Founder and Technology Strategist
Puryear IT, LLC

“I have nothing but great things to say about the MSPros team. They’ve worked with us (and still do) in a number of cold calling capacities over the last few years. Everything from being our complete outbound strategy to augmenting our internal efforts for specific events/projects. When we initially engaged them, we signed up with three telemarketing services. MSPros produced higher quality appointments, was easier to work with on the back-end, and ramped up faster vs the alternatives.”

Andrew Kaiser Director of Sales, MSP

“We would recommend the Managed Sales Pros team for your calling campaign.”

“We engaged with a prospective client a few months ago. The lead had grown cold and we did not believe that there was any further interest on their part. However, thanks to the solid, detail-oriented efforts of our Managed Sales Pros caller, we were able to re-connect with this prospect and help to spark renewed discussions and interest at the proposal stage. We would recommend the Managed Sales Pros team for your calling campaign.”

James Deck CoFounder & CEO
MTS Healthcare

“Datto works with Managed Sales Pros to identify new reseller partners. Their understanding of the market, proprietary list, flexibility, professionalism and zero-risk pay for performance pricing model make them an ideal choice for IT companies who are looking to scale quickly.”

Jeff Benedetti Sales Director
Partner Acquisition, North America
Datto, Inc.

“We chose Managed Sales Pros over their competitors because of their industry knowledge, their reputation, and their references.”

“Hilltop chose to outsource our sales prospecting in order to quickly grow our market share after expanding into Atlanta. We did not want to wait to find, hire, and train our own caller. We chose Managed Sales Pros over their competitors because of their industry knowledge, their reputation, and their references. We are very happy with our sales prospecting program and our calling team. We have been working with Managed Sales Pros for six months, and we’ve just closed our first managed agreement: a 30 seat, 5 server contract. We are pursuing multiple qualified opportunities from our program at this time and receive new sales appointments weekly. The meetings are an important measurement of success (although the most important for us was ROI) but we are also very pleased with the focus on important details like who our prospects are working with, when their engagements are up for renewal, and when they’ll be open to follow up discussions. Managed Sales Pros is building us a sales pipeline that we will use for prospecting long after our engagement with them is finished. We’re now considering engaging them in another market, and we look forward to continued success.”

Jim Turner CEO
Hilltop Consultants

“Carrie’s company has always provided high quality, very targeted results. When we attended our meetings, relationships were already well-established by the time we walked in the door. They are very ethical and easy to deal with. Even when results started to wane, they were quick to change whatever was needed. I definitely recommend working with any company Carrie is a part of. You will get results.”

“When Carrie raised her prices, we opted to try one of her less expensive, less specialized competitors. Although they claimed to be experts in Managed Services, it was quickly apparent that they were not. In six months we received no leads, the company always had an excuse for why there were no leads, and they had no interest in fixing our program or our relationship. Getting out of that relationship was difficult — and at the end of the day we paid a lot for nothing. Sure, Carrie charges more, but that’s the price you pay for better leads, better service and the ability to end your agreement quickly and amicably if you decide you want to do something else. We are looking forward to working with Managed Sales Pros for our next lead generation program.”

Bryan Badger CEO
Integral Networks

“I worked with Carrie from Managed Sales Pros for a trial campaign in 2014. I had never done marketing before but I was ramping up and was experimenting with cold calling services. At first, I thought the campaign bombed which pretty much all the cold call companies I had worked with had thus far, but it stood out to me how wonderful Carrie was to work with. She was more honest and hardworking and communicated better than anyone else. At the end of the trial Carrie wouldn’t cash our check because she was worried it did not generate the number of appointments promised. Eventually she generated the appointments and five leads she turned over turned out to be real opportunities, but I did not close any business. A full 12 months later, one of the leads returned to us and wanted to onboard. Apparently they liked our proposal but went the cheap route and later realized the mistake. We closed a three year managed services deal resulting in a 529% ROI on the campaign.”

Todd R. Schorle President
TS Tech Enterprises, Inc.

“Managed Sales Pros has been the key driver of our growth since we retained them”

“We completely trust Managed Sales Pros to handle our sales prospecting. There was never a concern that they would understand the space or our product. Managed Sales Pros has been the key driver of our growth since we retained them. This is first function of our company that we fully outsourced and we are very happy to have done so. I am particularly happy with how swiftly they have addressed any questions we have had.”

Larry Cobrin Co-Founder

“We started working with Managed Sales Pros in March 2016 to identify new sales opportunities for our MSP in Connecticut. Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re really impressed with the Managed Sales Pros team! Ashley is, by far, the best campaign manager I’ve ever worked with on a telemarketing campaign. I hesitate to even call it that because this program is so much more, but it’s wonderful to have such complete confidence in the people we’re working with. It feels as though he’s a member of the ADNET team because he’s that dedicated to our success. Managed Sales Pros is very lucky to have him and so are we! We look forward to many more great sales appointments!”

Faith Antion Marketing Manager
ADNET Technologies

“Our 5 year old MSP business is generating $85K in MRR, using cold calling as our primary channel for lead generation”

“Our 5 year old MSP business is generating $85K in MRR, using cold calling as our primary channel for lead generation. Carrie and her team understand the MSP business, and know how to bring in qualified appointments. I would highly recommend Managed Sales Pros to any MSP looking for quality, industry-specific lead generation.”​

Michael Anderson CEO
365 Technologies

“The first meeting scheduled by Managed Sales Pros was two weeks in to our campaign, and it was a 25 seat multi-location managed services opportunity for a company that was absolutely not on our in-house radar”

“Solid Networks engaged Managed Sales Pros in January 2015 to provide us with qualified sales appointments. Managed Sales Pros provided everything, incuding the call list and the script. On-boarding was fast and easy, and we receive daily updates in addition to our weekly reports.​

The first meeting scheduled by Managed Sales Pros was two weeks in to our campaign, and it was a 25 seat multi-location managed services opportunity for a company that was absolutely not on our in-house radar. Cold call prospecting is working very well for us. We are very pleased with the quality of the opportunities we have been presented with to date, and we are looking forward to a long term partnership.”


Bob Andrews Solid Networks

“They have been so successful… that 10 weeks in to my campaign I was drowning in new leads”

“We engaged Managed Sales Pros to find us qualified leads for our Managed Services Practice. They have been so successful in doing so that 10 weeks in to my campaign I was drowning in new leads. Carrie and her team have been great partners. They are responsive, provide weekly updates, and allow me to interact directly with anyone on my calling team.

Managed Sales Pros team had no problem coordinating the services our vendor partners offer to support our current marketing initiatives. When we needed to put our account on hold before the end of our contractual agreement, to give myself time to follow up properly on all the new leads they got me, they allowed me to do so without any difficulty. I would highly recommend working with Managed Sales Pros to build your MSP business. Call them before your competitors do!”


Colin Shantz CEO
CopperTree Solutions

“If you are an MSP focused on growth and profitability, you can’t afford to ignore outbound calling — Our campaign with Managed Sales Pros was an excellent investment.”

“We have a successful in-house sales and marketing process at Fully Managed. Our team touches our known prospects regularly, and our conversion rate is high. We engaged Managed Sales Pros to identify prospects that were not yet in our pipeline. Our sales team does not have time to call through unqualified lists – they are focused on making our accounts more profitable. Our marketing team requires a steady stream of new leads, and working with Managed Sales Pros allowed us to quickly eliminate unqualified prospects in two cities, while identifying immediate opportunities that we did not have on our radar.

The result was a clean list of new prospects in two markets, and meetings with companies that had immediate requirements, budget and interest. We gained valuable insight into the business our competitors were winning, and we were able to better hone our in-house approach based on the metrics provided at the end of our campaign. If you are an MSP focused on growth and profitability, you can’t afford to ignore outbound calling. Our campaign with Managed Sales Pros was an excellent investment.”

Chris Day CEO
Fully Managed and IT Glue

“The ROI we have already seen from our campaign has blown us away”

“When we were evaluating prospecting services it was important to us that we partnered with someone who would be able to understand our product, brand and messaging as well as have industry experience with MSPs.

We have worked with multiple prospecting services and nothing has compared to Managed Sales Pros. The ROI we have already seen from our campaign has blown us away. Carrie and her team are professional, responsive, and go the extra mile to make sure that our campaign has been successful. I would highly recommend working with Managed Sales Pros!“

Neha Sharma Marketing Programs Manager
Open DNS

“Managed Sales Pros provided us with 65 scheduled sales meetings with MSPs over a 2 month engagement. Their in-house list performed as well as the warm list that we provided them with.

MSPros handled the campaign set up and cold calling. Scheduled demos were put directly into our CRM and on to our sales reps calendar. We were provided with daily and weekly metrics. The campaign was up and running in a matter of days, and we had our first sales meetings scheduled on the first day of calling. The process was completely transparent and we had access to our caller and our team lead whenever required. Leads began converting to sales almost immediately. We would recommend Managed Sales Pros to any firm that is looking to connect with MSPs – their team understands this unique market.“

Herman Pool CEO
Vertical Axion

“We are consistently receiving 3 or more qualified meetings per week”

“Clear Concepts engaged Managed Sales Pros in 2013 to help us find new opportunities for remote support contracts. Managed Sales Pros provided us with a relevant prospect list, a professional engaging script, and a fantastic caller. Tracie is professional, detail-oriented and very focused on continuous improvement to the process.

She instantly fit in as part of the Clear Concepts team and she delivered measurable results. The prospect qualification process used by Managed Sales Pros ensures that virtually every meeting produces a quantifiable future opportunity. We have renewed our agreement, and we are consistently receiving 3 or more qualified meetings per week.  I especially like the detail that goes into the meeting confirmations – both our sales team and the prospect accept a meeting invitation that very clearly states our reason for meeting with them – to discuss replacing their current IT provider. It is clear by the tone of the email that a definite connection was made between Tracie and the decision maker. Managed Sales Pros is a prospecting firm that specializes in Managed Services – they understand our business. Unless your sales team is a qualified prospecting machine I encourage you to give them a call.”

Phil Proctor General Manager
Clear Concepts

“I would recommend you speak to them before your competition do”

“The ITeam engaged Managed Sales Pros on a recommendation from our peers, and based on their reports we expected some success, but having  used several other telemarketing firms in the past that did not perform as well as promised, we still had our reservations.

Carrie and her team performed as promised, and we saw results quickly. I recommend you speak to them before your competitors do! Managed Sales Pros made a big difference for our business – thanks Carrie!”


James Wagner President

“We would not hesitate in recommending Carrie and MSPros, unless you are our competitor”

“We have found Managed Sales Pros to be a valuable asset to our marketing strategies as Carrie’s team have been able to penetrate new accounts with their defined process.

Beyond our outbound sales campaign, Carrie has been a remarkable wealth of industry knowledge, assisting us to build new partnerships, expanding our deliverables, and defining our company in a saturated market. We would not hesitate in recommending Carrie and MSPros, unless you are our competitor!”


Jon VanDyke Caffeinated Computer Consulting