Other than “How much does it cost?” the first question a prospective client asks us is “How do we know we are going to get qualified meetings?”

You decide what qualified means for your company. However, most of our MSP clients want to meet with prospects who have an interest and need. They have a minimum of 20 desktops and a maximum of 200 desktops.  Some clients want to talk project work, and some only want pure play managed.

We secure all of our meetings with an invitation that CLEARLY states what the conversation was about, so both you and your prospect have the same information in front of you before accepting the meeting – if they don’t accept the invite, that isn’t a qualified meeting.

Clearly indicate in the invitation the purpose for the meeting. Any “pain” that has been identified, any factors that we have identified will play an important role in the decision, also identify the role of the prospect in the decision making process.

This process gives us an extremely low no-show rate and eliminates what we hear is the top complaint from MSPs who have tried other appointment setting solutions in the past – the dreaded “They had no idea what we did or why we were there!”

This process will save you time internally as well.  Don’t rely on a loose commitment – send out an invitation for the meeting that clearly outlines why you’re coming there (to talk about replacing or supplementing their current IT support team) – if a company is not committed enough to accept a meeting invite, you did not leave that prospect excited about the idea of meeting with you – it’s a great litmus test.  Remember – their time is valuable and your time is valuable – between all the players in a first meeting there is probably a few thousand dollars of time in that room.  We pride ourselves on scheduling meetings that bring value to both sides — and get attended.

Our programs are staffed by callers who are compensated by the hour, not by the meeting.  There is no incentive for them to schedule a meeting that isn’t a good fit.

Here are some of the accepted invitations to MSP sales meetings our team scheduled this week:


Hi —-.

Thanks for chatting with me just now.  Sounds like there is an opportunity to discuss how managed services could be a fit for A——–.

I have set up an appointment for you with —— to come to your office on Thursday, June 5th at 3:00pm. ——- may join her as well, given the tie in to the IBM Blade Servers. Please accept this meeting request to confirm your appointment.

To bring —– up to speed, you have 70 computers in the office (most of them Dell)  and you were uncertain how may servers were being run (you will get that information over to me in advance of the meeting!) but they are IBM Blade Servers. You are currently not outsourcing any of your IT and are interested in finding out options and what may work best for you.

I had spoken to —— in advance of our call and he confirmed you would be the go-to on this matter.  Please feel free to invite him, or anyone else pertinent to the decision making, to his meeting as well.

Thanks again for your time,


Hi —–,

Thanks for chatting with me today.  It sounds like you have done work with us in the past; we would be very excited to talk about your environment currently and how we may be able to win back your business.  I understand you are currently working with ——- but that you do not have  a contract. I have set up time for ——, Corporate Consultant, to come by your office on Monday, June 6th at 10:30 am as you indicated that the mornings were better for you.  When I spoke to ——, he confirmed that you would be the right person to work with, but feel free to extend the invite to him as well, if that makes sense.

Please accept this meeting request to confirm your appointment.  To bring —— up to speed on our conversation, you have three locations and there are approximately 30 computers in your —– office, 8 in —– and another 3 in —–. You have one server, in the —– location.  You mentioned that, of course, pricing would be a factor in any change decision and —– can certainly walk you through that based on your needs as defined at the meeting. If —– has any further questions in advance of the meeting he will let you know.

Thanks again for your time today,


Good afternoon ——-,

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today about your IT requirements.  I understand that you currently have approximately 54 desktops, and 32 kiosks.  You wear a number of different Director hats, , including IT, and certainly could use some IT support! Although your HQ is located in a different city. We are able to make to make a decision locally for an IT Managed Service Provider.

As discussed, ——- will meet with you at 11:00 AM on Tuesday, June 10th. If you have any questions for him prior, he can be reached at ———.

—–, please meet ——. I believe your meeting will be very beneficial to both of you. If you have any additional questions prior to the meeting, —– will be more than happy to answer them. Reach him by email or phone at——-.

Thanks again for your time today.