Good News, Everyone!

We are very pleased to announce that Ashley Battel has been promoted, effective immediately, to Director, Managed Services Division.

Ashley Battel was Hire #3 for Managed Sales Pros, and has been with our company from day one.  He is located in our Winnipeg office and prior to his promotion was responsible for training and managing our remote MSP lead generation team.

I had the opportunity to work with Ashley prior to Managed Sales Pros, when he was hired to manage calling programs for The Eureka Project at the University of Manitoba SmartPark.

Ashley’s Bio:

Ashley‘s background includes marketing, social media, content development, global team management and otherwise engaging prospective clients for companies of all kinds.  As a consultant for one of the world’s largest media companies, he scheduled and conducted interviews with hundreds of entertainment personalities, created and hosted groundbreaking online events and devised unique features later adopted by companies around the globe. Born and raised  in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ashley‘s interests and hobbies include all things entertainment, as well as hockey, football, tennis, billiards, computers and writing.

So, what does this mean?

Ashley will now be the first point of contact for all MSP campaign clients and team members. Ashley has worked closely with Managed Sales Pros President, Tracie Orisko since the inception of the company, and we are very excited to have him assume this new role, allowing Tracie to spend more time growing and managing our Vendor Services Division.

Ashley will be the primary contact for all process, day to day, and strategic questions regarding our MSP division.

We are very pleased that Ashley has accepted the promotion, and we look forward to this next phase in our growth. Please join us in congratulating him on his new role!