Our whirlwind East Coast visit started in Washington, DC where we sponsored MaxFocus2015.  We had the opportunity to meet with several MSP and Vendor partners last week, and as always, met some new solution providers and industry experts.

I had the opportunity to hear Dave Sobel speak on how MSPs can incorporate Managed Security Services into their offerings, or offer it as a stand alone service.  The overarching message here was (my words, not Dave’s) “If you wait to start, you’re going to miss the opportunity.  You’re not going to make it perfect by thinking about it, you’re going to make it perfect by doing it and changing it as you learn more.  Done is better than perfect.  Start now!”  There was a great video shown about building airplanes while in flight – it was hilarious, but the imagery isn’t lost on those of us who are constantly refining our services in the market.   Managed Security is one more offering that we can help MSPs present to potential prospects, and we’re already great at selling it, event if you’re not yet perfect at providing it. A new contract can take a long time to close, so you’ve got time.  Start selling it now.  Have you been wondering how to increase your per seat revenue on your current MSP agreements?  This is a great opportunity to up-sell.

Our next stop was New York City, to meet with Raj Goel, CISSP, the CEO of Brainlink.  We’ve met Raj at many shows over the last few years, and he’s known for his compliance keynotes and (my opinion only) incredible fashion sense.  His new book, ‘UNPLUGGED Luddites Guide to  Cyber Security’ launches on October 16, 2015 – but it’s already available for purchase online.  We were there to chat about his LAST book, ‘The Most Important Secrets To Getting Great Results From IT’.  (You can buy it here!)

Raj has built a powerful MSP with hand-selected clients in very specific verticals.  He is a global media personality and a sought-after speaker. When we asked him what his secret sauce was, he was very forthcoming:  Standard Operating Procedures.  For everything from the first lead generation touch right through the entire life-cycle of the client.  Raj even has a SOP for creating new SOPs.  In his words, his employees are always “Creating an SOP, following an SOP, improving on an SOP, or looking for work.”

This is New York City – if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.  We asked Raj if he would share some details on how he creates, manages and enforces his SOPs with us, and he’s kindly agreed.  I know it’s not sales content, but the one thing we have identified after working with dozens of MSPs over the last few years is this:  the better your MSP is operating, the more of our leads you’ll close.  The more of our leads you close, the more likely you are to renew.  We want to help find you business, and we want you closing that business and keeping that business!

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Finally, when someone asks me “Carrie, why should we work with you, and not with another lead generation company?” I like to point out that we learn how to sell the things you sell from the people you buy them from. We spent today on-site at Datto‘s Connecticut headquarters, engaged in discussions with their sales and demand generation teams, trading some tips and learning more about how to sell total data protection.   Want to sell more Datto?  We can help with that.

Next up (I mean literally, we’re in the car right now on our way there) is Boston, where we’ll be checking out what (and who!) is new at Cloud Partners, and as luck would have it, co-sponsoring a Ulistic event on September 17.    There is still time to register for this free event, which will cover off some great topics, including:

1.  Creating a dedicated sales process that will allow you to close 80% more business.
2.  How to conduct telesales and what to do and what not to do.
3.  How to manage sales resources and pay sales professionals accordingly.
4.  How having an IT security offering will separate you from the pack.
5.  How to sell HIPAA/HITECH/PCI and other compliance solutions.
And if that’s not reason enough to show up?  Ulistic has even thrown in a free steak lunch at Morton’s.  Come network with your peers, laugh a little, and learn a lot.  No sales pitches, just great information free for the taking.
I hope everyone is closing off the quarter aggressively!  Until next time, Happy Selling.