The Managed Sales Pros East Coast tour continued last week with a visit to Connecticut to meet and greet with the Datto sales team and tour their HQ.  Four floors of enthusiasm, it is.  The seventh-floor boardroom features a glass wall that allows you to peer in to the Datto NOC, and it doesn’t fail to impress.  At least it didn’t fail to impress us!  We spent the afternoon engaged with the Datto sales and demand generation team, learning how to better sell Datto.  We’re two-time DattoCon attendees (soon to be three-time, especially since we know The Woz is headlining next year and we dig Nashville the most…), and we’ve spent a lot a lot of hours on the road listening to Rob Rae pitch business continuity.  Haven’t looked at Datto for your BDR offering?  We can hook you up.

Connecticut, if you’ve never been, is somewhere in-between New York and Boston, and it’s stunning in the fall.  We enjoyed the scenic drive and ended our trip in Boston at the Cloud Partners event.  We bumped in to our friends from Autotask there, and we enjoyed Len DiCostanza‘s presentation on their new secure Soonr File Sharing Service.  In my opinion, Autotask Workplace is becoming a well-rounded offering and will soon be a one-stop-shop for MSPs to build their entire managed business practice.  It will be interesting to watch Autotask move from a company that sells to the channel to a company that will also now need to sell through the channel.  I met several new Autotask account reps at Cloud Partners – Autotask has been adding sales talent at a frenzied rate, and they’re not sparing any expense to do so.  All new sales reps get sent to HQ in Albany, N.Y. for a 12 week sales boot camp before getting set loose in one of the many new offices that Autotask is launching coast to coast and internationally.  I’m really excited to watch this unfold and I wish them much success.  I’m not mentioning them just because they bought me a steak the size of my head.  That was just a bonus.  A delicious, delicious bonus.

We sponsored Ulistic‘s IT Marketing Bootcamp in Boston last week as well.  This was a very well organized event that was attended by 30+ MSPs in the Boston area.  Attendees enjoyed presentations from Ulistic, Easy Office Phone, My Digital Shield and several other vendors (including Managed Sales Pros!).  The MSPs that invested their time in this event were attentive and engaged, and it’s easy to see how Ulistic’s roadshow events sell out — with a “no hard sales” policy, there was plenty of information and sales and marketing tips shared by vendors, and plenty of exchanging of ideas around the tables at the breaks.   Thanks very much to Stuart Crawford for having us there, we look forward to being invited back.  If you’re an MSP in one of the cities his tour will hit this year, make sure you take advantage of this free event, you won’t regret taking the time to do so.

After all that, I’m back in the office now — preparing for some exciting things — trying to keep them on the low-low until we’re ready to launch them, but I can tell you that 2016 is going to be an amazing year!  I keep secrets badly, so you know where the phone is if you want to ask me what kind of new things you can expect from the Managed Sales Pros team in the new year!

Want to connect with us while we’re on the road?  We’ll be visiting these cities next:

September 28-Oct 1:   Find us attending Channel Directions  in Tampa Bay, FL.

November 08-11:  We’ll be in Orlando, FL at ITNation 2015 with 2500 of our closest friends!