We’re excited!  HTG Q4 is almost here!  We’ve met many of the HTG partners this year, and we’d like to meet even more of you in Orlando this quarter.  So, on November 10th we’re throwing a little party.  You may have heard about our party last year.  You may have attended it.  You know we know how to throw a killer soiree.  We learned two things last year about throwing channel parties:

  1.  NEVER sleep in the party suite.
  2. You just can’t party the way you want to on-site.

So this year, we’re taking it off property.  Exactly six walking minutes off property.  To a fantastic patio where we’ll enjoy beverages, cigars, networking and some good old-fashioned ballyhooing.  Meet some of our happy clients.  Meet some of our former clients who still say nice things about us.  Meet some of the people who keep saying they are going to buy something from us but haven’t yet!  Meet Tracie Orisko, our company President, and Carrie Simpson, our CEO.  And most importantly, come meet our sponsor for this fantastic event:  www.cloudmgr.com


You can RSVP at www.managedsalespros.com/contact_us and we’ll send you an invite.  Friends of friends may not bring friends.  This one’s by invitation only, folks.  One invite, one attendee. If you’ve unsubscribed from our newsletter, sadly we won’t be able to send you anything.  Bummer.