Running a new business is alternately exhilarating and terrifying.  It can be frustrating and Lord knows all of your defects will constantly bare their ugly fangs.  Got three garbage cans and two lids?  This one’s for you.

I get it – you’ve hit a wall and you’re not sure how to take the next step.  You want to try something different in order to get different results.  You’re considering telemarketing to grow your business.  And you should – if you can do it in-house effectively you’ll spend a moderate amount and get a fantastic return on your investment.

The first thing I want to challenge you on before you attempt to hire a telemarketer is this:

Have you personally tried it? 

Are you one of the guys saying “I don’t have the personality for it, I’m not good at it, I don’t want to do this” or have you rolled up your sleeves and picked up that phone? It is impossible to practice something daily and never show improvement.

You may never be the guy who’s great at cold calling, or great at training cold callers.  That’s fine. You can be okay at it and still be successful.  What you don’t want to be is the guy who hires a fast-talking BS artist that doesn’t add any value to your team.  Telemarketing is expensive when it’s failing.  Campaigns that are failing look different from campaigns that just haven’t started generating revenue yet.  Can you tell the difference?  Do you know what to look for?  People lie, numbers don’t.

Want to do it the fastest way?  Outsource it.  Want to do it in the most sustainable and scalable way possible?  Get good at it, document what you’re doing, then train someone else to take over.  There are dozens of resources online – paid and free- that will help you figure out what you’re doing.

Have you got the budget to do this? 

Are you able to sustain the overhead involved with this new hire for at least a year, no matter what kind of results you get?  This is very important, because the ROI on telemarketing may not show itself for over a year.  You can’t hire a telemarketer (or an outsourced agency, or a marketing company) and expect that you’ll pay for them with the revenue they’re going to generate for you.  That’s unrealistic.  Hiring a telemarketer is like hiring any other team member.  They’re going to need time, attention, training and development to get good at their role, even if they have previous experience.

Are you ready for the impact that the new hire will have on your business?

Opportunity cost is an important consideration when hiring new employees.  First, you’ll spend time finding and hiring them.  Writing ads, running ads, interviewing, etc.  Hiring a telemarketer is going to be more challenging than hiring an engineer.  Expect no-shows, offers that never get returned, people who don’t show up on day one.  That’s how it is.  Your time is valuable, and you’re going to have to earmark much of it to this process.  Once you’ve found and hired them, the real work begins.  Are you ready to on-board a new employee?  Do you have process, materials, ways to measure their improvement?  Do you have the time to step back from your day to day activities and the revenue you’re personally generating for your business in order to get your new hire up and running?  What are you doing right now that you won’t have time for when you start working with your new team member?

Are you Considering Outsourcing?

The biggest benefit to outsourcing isn’t that our callers are infinitely better than anyone you could hire.  The benefit to outsourcing is that our callers are trained and ready to go right now, and you don’t have to manage them.  The most compelling reason to outsource your calling to Managed Sales Pros is exactly the same as the most compelling reason that your clients outsource their IT to you:  we’re experts at this already, so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to become an expert in something new.  We have different programs to suit all budgets, and we’re ready to get started today.

Outsourcing Isn’t For You?

We understand not everyone will have the budget to outsource, and some companies prefer to handle all aspects of their business in-house.  We’re here to help you regardless of which process you prefer.  Ready to add telemarketing to your roster, but not interested in outsourcing?  Work with us to prepare for your new hire, and then let us train them (and you).  We’ll have your new team member up and performing like one of our team members in two weeks.   Email to get started.