Today’s Managed Sales Pros two minute tip addresses a question we get asked over and over again:  Is there a fast and inexpensive way to grow my MSP?

If you’ve got two minutes to spare, check out our video, and if you’ve got a little more time, our blog post today will give you some ideas on ways to grow your business.

Spoiler alert:  there’s no quick way to grow your business.  It takes time.  It takes effort.  It doesn’t have to take money, but that certainly doesn’t hurt.

Managed Sales Pros knows a thing or two about growing quickly.  As a matter of fact, we were named the 25th fastest growing startup in Canada this year by Profit Magazine!

You can read a few stories about our growth online if you’re interested, check out these articles:

Anyhow, we’re not here to brag – we’re here to share what we’ve learned while growing our business, and growing the businesses of well over 100 other companies over the last four years.

There really is no shortcut to sales success.  You aren’t going to wake up tomorrow with your phone ringing off the hook and your inbox filled with hot leads.  It takes time, and a lot of work.  It doesn’t have to take a lot of money, but I don’t mind sharing that we’ve invested over a quarter of our sales back in to our sales and marketing over the last four years.  Most importantly, though, here’s what we did  year one:

We cold called.  All day.  Every day.  We bootstrapped.  We used the cheapest software, bought the cheapest computers, worked from our homes, and did as many free things to grow our sales as possible.

What were those free things?

  1.  Write content and share it with your target industry.  We contributed to VAR Guy, Talkin’ Cloud, MSPMentor, Datto, Intronis, anyone who would take an article from us.  We wrote our own blog articles (Carrie still does this!) and wrote as many as we had time to post – about one a week most weeks.
  2. Do your own cold calling.  Want to learn how?  We have a training course.  No money for that?  There’s piles of free content on this blog, and on our Youtube channel.  We will share our script with you for free – just email if you’d like a copy of the one we use for our clients.  Like it or not, cold calling is inexpensive and super effective.  Don’t ignore it when you’re trying to grow on a shoestring budget.
  3. Partner with other companies and do webinars to harvest leads.  We created our own webinar series, and we went out looking for invites from anyone who wanted to talk with their clients and prospects about sales prospecting and process.  Find people who target the same clients as you and offer to create marketing webinars, seminars, and anything else you can think of.  Just start calling them and asking them to collaborate!
  4. We built and continue to scrub and nurture a prospect list.  We used LinkedIn, and a bunch of other free sources to do it until we could afford to start buying lists.  We traded lists with other companies.  Then we created a newsletter and started sharing our content with the list that we created.  Eventually our phone started ringing and our inbox started filling up with leads.  It took YEARS, not months.  We’re still a small company – but we’re a profitable company that is growing quickly.

There are lots of ways to grow your business.  Obviously we believe that cold calling is the best way.  (We kind of have to!) The biggest challenge you’ll have is execution.  You need to stick to it.  Four years ago nobody knew who we were.  Now we’re everywhere.  But that’s because we call every day, we write content every week, we send our newsletter out predictably.  We didn’t stop when we had a bad week or a bad month.  We didn’t constantly switch services, platforms, providers and partners.  We decided what we could afford, we created a plan and we stuck to it.

Year two we had more money, and we started doing more – we attended trade shows, for example.  We hired more sales talent.  We did more than we could afford, to be honest.  We put trade show sponsorships and marketing pieces and a nicer website on our credit cards and hoped for the best.  It paid off.  It paid off because we were consistent in our execution.

Moving in to year four, we are testing and trying new and different ways to market our business and market our client’s businesses, and we are really excited about what the future holds.  Automation, customization, personalization – so much is possible, and we’ll try some new things, new software and new services to see if we can generate even better results!  Stay tuned for some exciting announcements.

There is no magic bullet.  Your MSP will grow if you focus on growing it.  Don’t jump from provider to provider every time you have one bad month.  Don’t be closed minded to new ideas and new methodologies. Don’t stop cold calling because you didn’t get as many meetings as you wanted last month.  Everything you do it going to take a year to work.  You’re not going to see ROI right away.  But if you stick to it, focus on what you CAN do instead of what you can’t afford to do, and do the things you maybe don’t want to do for whatever reason, you’re going to see success.

Want to talk sales and marketing, take a sales prospecting course or have someone do your marketing and sales prospecting for you?  We’d love to help!  Call us at 1-844-466-2624 and let’s see what we can build together!