There are two extremely simple and ridiculously inexpensive things you can do right now that will make all of your digital marketing investments pay off a whole lot faster.

I won’t leave you in suspense.

  1.  Make your phone number easy to find – don’t force people to fill out forms,  encourage them to call you.  A live interaction with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic representative answering questions NOW is a better user experience than a form.
  2. Answer your phone when it rings.  Very important.  Why are you spending money on marketing, SEO and PPC and then sending your prospects to voicemail?

Can it be that simple?  The answer is a resounding “yes”.

Take a moment to review all of your digital marketing assets and your website.  Is your phone number front and center, easy to find and can you “click to dial” it?  We started with a vanity number published on our site, but now that you can click to dial on mobile, vanity numbers are frustrating.  Plain phone numbers located on all pages of your website, and/or a “CALL NOW”  call to action button are essential when you’re pushing people to your website to gather leads.   You want to capture people at their peak moment of interest.  Some people want to fill out a form, and some people will want to call you – are you meeting your prospects where they want to be met?  Remember:  don’t try to make it easier for you to sell.  Make it as easy as possible for your prospects to BUY.  And catch them right now before they move on to the next Google listing.  They’re not waiting for you to call them back, they’re going to call the next guy on the list when you don’t answer.  Your chance to sell increases exponentially if you don’t let them fill out six more “contact us” forms before you return their call.

Recognizing this issue, we’ve been focused on developing a solution to this problem for over a year now, and we’ve been looking for the right balance of service and price.  Well, we found it, we’re ready to go, and we’re really excited about it!

We’re making our call answer service available to the MSP market starting January 2018.

Here’s why you should consider Managed Sales Pros Call Answer:

  1.  Immediate response is important for both your clients AND prospects.  Our professional team can transfer support calls to your support team and can qualify your inbound sales calls and schedule sales appointments right then and there.  Don’t make people wait on hold or leave a voicemail – let a live, friendly, professional MSP sales expert answer your phone when it rings.
  2. Do you answer your forwarded office phone on client sites?  At loud coffee shops?  While dogs are barking in the background?  Managed Sales Pros Call Answer ensures an answered call within 30 seconds, with no unprofessional background noise.  Perception is important.  Make sure your prospects feel confident that they’re speaking to a professional service provider.  Call Answer not only gives the appearance of a professional team, it allows you to focus on your day to day work without dividing your attention.  Clients get the attention they need, and you never miss the chance to speak to a potential new client.  All clients feel important, and all prospects get an amazing first experience, not a rushed “hello” on your cell phone while you’re trying to troubleshoot something else.
  3.  Our callers are trained to sell managed services, not take messages.  Not only do we provide a professional first impression, we can help you win new business.

Ready to get started?  Call us at 844-466-2624.  Or (if you prefer, because hey, maybe you do…) fill out the form on our Contact Us page!