Every year in lieu of buying client holiday gifts, the team at Managed Sales Pros (and Everywhere Managed) choose 12 different things to donate our time and resources to. We do it countdown style a la The 12 days of Christmas, and we call it The 12 Days of Giving. We’re kicking off day one today! Follow along on our blog, and organize your own 12 Days of Giving if you love the idea!

So, without further adieu, we bring you The 12 Days of Giving!

On the first day of giving, our team joined the Baby’s Bounty Stork Club!


You can give to Baby’s Bounty in many ways. Last year we donated diapers, which are really important for families who are already experiencing financial insecurity – one out of every three families experiences diaper need.  Most daycare centers require families to provide their own disposable diapers.  If you can’t afford diapers, you can’t work or attend school.  Diapers are considered non-essential (like tobacco or alcohol) and can’t be purchased using WIC or SNAP.

Baby’s Bounty also ensures that families have everything they need to safely leave the hospital with their newborn infant!

Our day one donation provides a newborn with all of the essentials needed to safely leave the hospital with their family:

• A portable crib for safe sleep
• A car seat for safe travel
• Clean clothes, bottles, and blankets
• A bathtub, towel, washcloths, and hygiene items
• A front carrier to bond with baby
• Newborn diapers and wipes

You can get involved, too!

In addition to diapers, Baby’s Bounty accepts the following items in new or gently used condition:

  • Baby Clothes (0-3 month, 3-6 month only)
  • Baby Carriers (like a Snugli) and Receiving Blankets
  • New Car Seats and Bottles
  • Diaper Bags (full size)
  • Infant Bath Tubs and Toiletries
  • Towels & Washcloths
  • Pack’n’Plays* — this is our most requested item!
  • Reclining Strollers*
  • Swings*, Bouncy Seats*, Play mats

Charities MAY NOT accept used car seats as donations, regardless of their age or quality!!!

This year our team welcomed our first “company” baby  – and programs that support new families are even more near and dear to our hearts.


You can contact Baby’s Bounty at:

Phone: 702-485-BABY (2229)
Email: help@babysbounty.org
Mailing Address:
Baby’s Bounty™
3400 W. Desert Inn Road, #24
Las Vegas, N V 89102