We work pretty hard to make our giving days line up with the days of giving. One of these, two of those, and so on and so on. Technically, our gift day today was scheduled for the fourth day of giving, but it’s important that we do it today, so please excuse that our gift today falls out of tradition!  I lined up the days incorrectly, but I don’t want to miss promoting this opportunity to give on the day of the fundraising event!

This summer, my family was blessed to spend some time in Puerto Rico.  We did some sightseeing in San Juan, and we spent a few weeks surfing in Aguadilla.  We were fortunate that our visit was long finished prior to the devastating hurricanes that leave much of Puerto Rico still without clean water and power.  Homes have been destroyed and small businesses in Puerto Rico may never recover.

Today – December 10, 2017, there is a benefit being held to support the recovery of Puerto Rico.  It is called “Unidos Por Puerto Rico” and we have been told by one of our team members (whose family lives in Puerto Rico, owns a small business and is still without power) that it is one of the best places to donate to ensure that the funds go directly to people who need them.  This was definitely a concern of ours when choosing how to donate to Puerto Rico relief.

Our donation today goes to support the Small Business Generator program through Unidos Por Puerto Rico.  Small business owners may apply for grants if they meet the following qualificatins:

– Must be a retail establishment
– Must be registered with the Puerto Rico Department of Treasury
– Must be solely-owned; not part of a franchise system
– Cannot have revenues that exceed $1 million annually

Donations are accepted many ways, including PayPal, and credit cards.

As a small business owner myself, I know that just getting to 1MM in revenue is a hard road, and I’m certain our business would not have survived a devastating event like this.  If you also own a small business in the US (or anywhere), I encourage you to consider supporting small business in Puerto Rico as they work to restore their island, their homes and their businesses.  You can learn more about the telethon, the charity and the ways in which the money is distributed by visiting their website.  www.unidosporpuertorico.com

The benefit event runs from 11am to 5pm today!  Please help us make a difference!  I hope one day your family will be able to experience Puerto Rico the way ours did!