First – Merry Christmas from all of us at Managed Sales Pros.  Anyone who has been with us for more than a year is currently enjoying a much deserved paid week off beginning tomorrow.  We hope you had a prosperous and happy year, and our entire team wishes you the best for the holidays and for 2018.

Our 12th day of giving this year strikes near and dear to my heart.  This Christmas season, there are 22 women currently living at Davis House, which is a sober living home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The road to recovery at The Davis House is based on time-tested and popular 12 step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Both of them incorporate a spiritual path and both of them work; if you work it. Each resident is required to attend 90 meetings in 90 days, thereafter 5 meetings a week and is required to have a sponsor. They are also required to work the 12 steps of the appropriate program. /they also require that all residents be employed, actively looking for employment, be a student or volunteer.

The Davis Recovery Homes are designed to help women recovering from alcohol and drug addiction by offering a stable, structured and safe environment. The serene homes provide a healthy and safe place for women who are serious about their recovery. Davis One has 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and the Davis Two has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Both homes have spacious kitchens, large living rooms a formal dining room, a computer area and large back yards. Both homes have a live-in house manager.

Anyone who has known me for more than an hour knows that I haven’t had a drink in a very long time – 14 years now, to be exact.  Our personal charitable donations at the holidays usually go towards programs that support 12 step recovery programs, because that’s how I got sober.  I went through an outpatient program when I got sober, I didn’t have access to a facility like Davis House.

Last year, we had the pleasure of hiring someone who was living in Davis House when she came to work for us.  She accidentally let it slip during her interview that she was living in a recovery home, not realizing that I was also in recovery.  That’s how I learned about Davis House.  I’m pleased and proud as hell that she is still sober, still a huge part of our team, and that her request this year when we began planning for #12DaysOfGiving was that we find a way to give to the women at Davis House.

Early sobriety at Christmas can be a very lonely and stressful time.  Many women are separated from their families, without the resources to participate in celebrations or purchase presents for family members or children (whom they also many not have the means or ability to visit, depending on what stage they are at in their sobriety).

This year we gave all 22 of the women living at Davis house a $20.00 gift card – while $20.00 may not be a lot to many, it’s enough to buy a Christmas present for a friend, parent or child or enough to buy something you need or just plain want – while you’re given what you need to survive very comfortably at Davis House, it’s always nice to have a special something you wouldn’t ordinarily get to treat yourself to.  I remember when I was getting sober all I wanted was enough to buy a fancy Starbucks latte once in a while, and unfortunately, my budget had no room for such luxuries.

We’re proud to support Davis House, and we’re happy to be able to share some of our success this year with others.  This concludes our #12DaysofGiving.

To our employees and contractors – thank you for all your hard work this year – enjoy your holiday week!

To our clients, thank you for continuing to put your trust in us, best wishes during the holiday season, and we wish you a very successful 2018!

See you in the new year!