We are pleased to announce that Breach Secure Now!, a provider of security and educations solutions, has selected Managed Sales Pros as their North American sales development partner!


“We are excited to be supporting Breach Secure Now!,” says Tracie Orisko, President, Managed Sales Pros.  “We were eager to work with a company that was providing dark web breach monitoring – and Breach Secure Now has just launched a stand-alone Dark Web Monitoring solution that costs half of what their competitors solutions do, and frankly, does quite a bit more!  Added to their current offerings that help you plan for and prevent the biggest security threats to your business  – human error – we are delighted to be continuing our engagement after a successful pilot program with Breach Secure Now!”

Art Gross, CEO of Breach Secure Now! explains how they arrived at their choice to partner with Managed Sales Pros:  “We were open to exploring the idea of outsourced channel partner development, and Managed Sales Pros proven track record of successful engagements made them the clear choice for us.  We didn’t need to educate them on what we did, or how we did it – their team was already prepped and ready to go when they asked us for our business.  It took the stress out of selecting a vendor.  We closed our first deal two weeks into our program, and Managed Sales Pros continues to produce a dozen or more demos for our team every week with one full time caller on our project!  With the release of our new Dark Web Monitoring solution we are very excited about those numbers increasing.”

For a young company that is growing quickly, working with Managed Sales Pros makes sense. Managed Sales Pros gives new companies the breathing room they need to create and test their own process, and add to their in-house teams slowly and deliberately without having to compromise short-term or long-term sales success. Sales development outsourcing helps gain market share with no pauses in productivity.


Why We Love Breach Secure Now!

Managed Sales Pros only accepts projects where we know we’ll be able to generate qualified sales appointments.   Breach Secure Now! has a well rounded portfolio of offerings to support the managed services market – which gives our team a lot to talk about, and many features and benefits to focus on.  With some of their competitors charging double for half the features, Breach Secure Now! is poised to become a channel success story, and we’re excited to help them get there even faster.


How Managed Sales Pros Helps Channel-Focused Vendors Succeed

With our proprietary database of IT companies, an on-premise North American calling team that is fully versed on all things managed services, and the option of a risk-free pay only for performance pricing model, Managed Sales Pros can help vendors of all sizes gain more market share quickly.

In the time that it would take you to write your recruiting ad, Managed Sales Pros would already be adding qualified sales demonstrations to your sales pipeline! If you’d like to join CiscoAuvikInbayDattoOpenDNSITGlueAisle8Solar Winds MSP, Huntress Labs, and other wildly successful vendors on our client roster, email us anytime at hello@managedsalespros.com to schedule some time to review your requirements.


About Breach Secure Now!

Breach Secure Now! is a full service security platform that focuses on employee security and includes employee security awareness training, simulated phishing attacks, dark web breach monitoring, employee vulnerability assessments, security risk assessments and security policies. The Breach Secure Now! solution is sold as a white label service that MSPs can offer under their own brand. Contact Allison Kastel, AKastel@trustsecurenow.com 877-275-4545