On the second day of giving, Managed Sales Pros and Everywhere Managed donated $200.00 to The Houston Children’s Advocates.

This donation was the suggestion of one of our MSP Clients, Uprite Services. It’s a cause near and dear to them, and we were delighted to participate, as it’s a cause near and dear to us as well.

“Child Advocates volunteers are appointed by a judge to represent the best interests of a child or sibling group in foster care.  They serve as the judge’s eyes and ears while the children are in custody, ensuring their unique needs are met until they can safely return home or are permanently placed with a loving relative or adoptive family. Unlike Child Protective Services caseworkers and court appointed attorneys who juggle overwhelming caseloads, our volunteers represent just one child or sibling group at a time.

Their advocacy makes sure no child falls through the cracks of our overburdened child welfare system.Child Advocates volunteers make a profound difference in the lives of the children they serve. Studies show children served by an advocate volunteer are better able to work with others and to control deviant behavior than children without an advocate. Also, more parents of these children complete counseling services, psychiatric evaluations and drug and alcohol counseling than those without an advocate. With Child Advocates’ help, the cycle of abuse can be broken, allowing these children to become productive adults and loving parents.”

You can donate to this organization here: https://give.childadvocates.org/hero

A quick google search will help you identify organzations focused on foster care and advocacy that you can support this holiday season! If you’re considering getting involved on a more personal level, I encourage you to begin the process – As someoeno who was a foster parent for several years, I can tell you it can be lengthy process, with classes, background checks and many home visits. You can stop the process at any time if you decide it isn’t right for you, so if you’ve ever been curious, I encourage you to check it out! -Carrie, Managed Sales Pros